Pregnancy & Birth in Cyprus

When I found out I was pregnant I realised that there is very little information on the internet about pregnancy and birth in Cyprus, there are a few websites with a little bit of 'what to do' info but it's mainly directed at giving birth in a private clinic and usually just a few comments on a forum - never an actual birth story.

I will be sharing my story and experience as I go, hopefully someone in the same situation might find it helpful and interesting. 

The Story of my pregnancy....

The Announcement!
It's a boy!
22 weeks update - Cyprus vs UK
29 Week Bump update
36 Week bump update
38 week bump update  and more Cyprus vs UK Differences

What is a Doula?   - Guest post by my Doula

Welcome to the world...  Loukas Alexander

Loukas arrives  - birth story through the eyes of my Doula

My birth story - Part one
Part two
Part three

Applying for the maternity grant in Cyprus

I also asked other women in Cyprus to share their experiences, good and bad, in both private and general hospitals.  I wanted to collect them together in the hope they might also be interesting or helpful for others in the same situation.

Sarah's Birth Story - (Private clinic)
Kellie's birth story - General hospital 
Lucy's Story - Private vs General hospital
Tara & Nia's Story - Caesarean births in Private hospital (one planned, one unplanned)
Sarah's Story - 3 babies, one born in a Private clinic, 2 at the General hospital
Lisa's Story - Larnaca General Hospital
Rebecca's Story - Private Clinic
C-sections and private clinics

pregnancy and birth experiences in Cyprus

For more information on birth in Cyprus check out my Doula's facebook page - 'My Birth- Doula Care Service'   and Mums in


  1. Im soon having my baby at larnaca General Hospital..I just wanted to ask if anyone knows if its a natural birth are tha dads allowed inside with you when you are having the baby?

  2. They are at Paralimni general hospital so I would imagine so. Try asking on the facebook page for My Birth - Doula Care

    I know Claire has had dealings with Larnaca General before.

    Good luck and best wishes for the birth.

  3. Hi there. Thank you so much for putting together this great site! Does anyone know if there are birthing classes in Cyprus?

    1. There are, the lady who was my doula, Claire will be able to help you. You can contact here via her facebook page

    2. or you can email her


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