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J is for Jobs


Here I am in 1995 off to start my very first day at work.  It was not long before Christmas and in fact was the same day that the very first National Lottery was drawn in the UK.   The job was a temporary Saturday job, just for a few weeks with the last day being before Christmas day, working in the restaurant in Alders department store. I remember coming home and checking the lottery ticket I'd brought at lunchtime and hoping I would win and not have to do that 'work' thing again!

I was quite late in getting a Saturday job compared to some of my friends, due to the fact I was very lucky and managed often sweet talk my parents into giving me the odd fiver here and there and I didn't want to miss out on the fun I had each Saturday playing lacrosse *ahem*.

On the first day, within a few hours of starting I managed to crash a whole trolley full of dirty plates and cutlery as I took them back to the kitchen, smashing everything dramatically over the floor right in front of the boss - whoops!  I hated the job, and came home each week covered in the remains of people's lunch and also made myself very unpopular with my Mum for ruining several black skirts by getting bleach on them - sorry Mum!

Thankfully I was only in the job 3 weeks as I then got offered a job as a cashier in Safeway which was a permanent position. I then worked for them in for several years, moving branches three times. I can't say I enjoyed that either, certainly not at the time, although looking back it doesn't seem so bad!  There were a large crowd of us youngsters working across a range of departments and we did have a laugh at times - there was always someone to go to the pub with after work too, and my best friend Sarah worked at the same shop.

Over the years I had several jobs,  changing for various reasons, more money, moving house and also just because some were SO rubbish!  It was a bit of a standing joke in the end if I hadn't seen someone for a few weeks where they would ask where I was working now.

I never knew what I wanted to do so I drifted, I enjoyed working in Supasnaps photo shop for a few years but then the familiar itchy feet would start to drive me mad. I felt that my ideal job was in travel and eventually I got a job in a travel agency, it turned out that it was me who wanted to travel and after almost 3 years I moved on from this too.

My last job was where I was most settled and had I not have moved to Cyprus before the end of my maternity leave I would possibly still be there.  It was a small company selling paving to builders merchants and DIY stores and I was one of only two people in the sales office.  I was there just over 6 years - my personal best!

I liked it as I felt I could actually make a difference there, all the companies I'd previously worked for were big and I always felt like a little fish in a really big pond.  I liked having some control and the fact that I could be 'heard'.

Since living in Cyprus I've been a stay at home Mum, which is what I always wanted to be and that's lucky as there would have been no other option when we first arrived having no-one to look after Leo!  The plan was for me to find work this year but fate had other ideas and baby no. 2 is due to soon make an appearance.   I hope to be able to find a way that I can work around the children towards the later part of this year, and then have the best of both worlds.

Written as part of my A to Z posts and linked up to Flashback Friday 


  1. You look so sweet posing in your work uniform lol! My longest job to date was five years when I owned my cafe,, so you beat me! my brother worked in Safeway before it became Morrisons too probably around the samentimemthatb

  2. (sorry that should have said)
    same time as you too!!
    being a SAHM will be my longest career to date too i expect by the time I finish, but thats fine by me as it been the best one so far
    thank you for linking up xxx

  3. That was the year I left school and I remember the night of the very first lottery. I think everyone was hoping they were going to win the £14 million :)

  4. What a great flashback. I think my husband used to work at Safeway, I might be wrong and getting my supermarkets mixed up.
    I've yet to have a job that has lasted longer then 3 years....x


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