Friday, 10 August 2012

The time of my life!

Flashback Friday is now in the capable hands of Jenny & Lauren and for their first week they have given 'Sport'  as a theme.   Sport!!!  I must say I laughed when I saw it as I wondered for a while if I would have to skip their very first week.   Sport is not a word that has figured highly in my life, at school I would have done anything to skip PE lessons and I often felt sick just at the thought of them.

I was flicking though my old photos looking for some inspiration and when I found it I can hardly believe it hadn't come to me straight away.   My life changed a lot due to sport and I nearly forgot!!!

I'm not actually in this photo and not just because I was the one taking it!
At secondary school when we were about 15 we had a term of Lacrosse lessons, taught to us by a very handsome and young American Lacrosse coach who was working in England for a year.  He was working for a local lacrosse club 'The Beckenham Beetles' and we were all invited to play for their junior team on a Saturday morning.  Of course we all fell in love with the coach and duly trotted off each week to stand in drizzle and pretend to be enjoying ourselves. 

I believe the others may have actually enjoyed the game but I hated every bloody second!

What I loved though was the social aspect of the sports club they played from, we gradually spent more and more time down there each week after training on a Saturday morning, eventually leaving as the bar shut at 11pm!    It was the reason I didn't try and get a Saturday job for so many years!

We were not always welcome at first, which is more than understandable looking back - we were 15 and 16, hanging around being more annoying than we would have realised at the time and even turning up on week nights and doing our homework in the bar whilst wearing school uniform still! But over the years we became part of the furniture, we spent hours and hours sitting, talking, drinking and drinking some more.  It was a place where SO many of my 'firsts' happened that I couldn't even count them all!

This was REALLY why we went!
When I was 18 I finally gave up all pretence of even trying to look like I enjoyed playing the game - in fact on a weekend tournament away I was so hungover on the 2nd day I point blank refused to come out of our tent and they had to play without me.  To be fair I was so rubbish and used to hiding at the back I don't think anyone noticed!

It's the place I used to drive to in my first car, listening to 'that' song,  the place where we used to smuggle in bottles of Diamond White and Super Tennants in the days before they used to serve us (oh dear - do they even still make Super T's?  I hope not!)   It's the place where I had my 16th birthday party, and also my 18th -at which I proudly tried to show the long suffering barman my ID after he had already been serving me for 2 years!

It was the place I laughed at, cried at, drank much more than was sensible at, perfected the art of drinking a whole bottle of Budwieser in one mouthful after someone bangs the top with a pint glass, was often very unwell (due to the aforementioned perfected art!)  and generally had the time of my life!



  1. it always makes me laugh how sport and drinking can go hand in hand like with football and rugby players locally!! ha ha !! sounds like a great social side to your sportiness ha ha and fancy being so hung over you couldnt even play!! oh this made ma laugh thanks for joining in - linky open on mine and laurens blogs :) xx

  2. This is brilliant. I especially love how you proudly showed off your ID despite drinking there for 2 years! ha ha!
    I would have been exactly the same if we had a good looking sport teacher.
    Thank you for linking up xx

  3. Fab post, ah the extravagances of youth! How come we used to get away with hanging around like that? I wasn't allowed down the pub until I was 18 :-(

  4. Lol, those hunky sports teachers can make such a difference!


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