A Year in Status

As I've said before, I love Facebook and when I saw this post over at Alexander Resisdence I HAD to join in.

There is a facebook application doing the rounds at the moment called 'My Year in Status' which makes a collage of your statuses for the year.  It's very strange to look back over a years events as reported on Facebook, so many little things that I had now forgotten.  It's been an odd year and I really enjoyed looking back at it in this way.

After doing that I found a status statistics application, I liked it as it reminded me I recently got back into my skinny jeans (although they seem to have shrunk again a little bit!)

Your Most Popular Status (last 60 days)

has just got back into her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans, ok I can't sit down or breathe but they do up.... and I can walk in them :)
You wrote this status on 09 November 2010 at 05:34 and you got 13 likes and 3 comments.

It game me the following statistics, interesting but a little bit unnerving that it can bring up so much information so quickly..... what else do they know!

Your Statistics

Statuses so far
Word count
Average words per status
Average word length
Days since first status
Average statuses per day

Your Favorite Words

  1. leo used : 91x
  2. going used : 51x
  3. got used : 43x
  4. time used : 32x
  5. really used : 31x

I realise I now look like a bit of a geek but I enjoyed having a look, it appeals to the same part of me that is completely list obsessed!


  1. Hello! Aw yours is so punctuated by lovely weather :) Makes me feel sunnier. I'm going to have to do the stats one too, it's not geeky, not one bit...Px


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