Friday, 30 April 2010

Facebook, forums and friends...

My name is Emma and I am a facebook addict.... and I do not care!

Is that a bad thing? Why, I wonder do I always feel the need to under exaggerate how often I go on FB? ok, I'm sure you are wondering now.... honestly I would say on an average day maybe 10 times. When asked I usually play it down a bit then go on to explain starting a sentence with "in my defence....." Why do I feel I need a defence??

Just so you know, my defence is usually something to do with living in Cyprus and staying in contact with friends/family or being at home most of the day with Leo, not knowing that many people here. BUT, I sometimes was on it almost as much in England!

I really struggled when we first moved here with no phone and internet, we has no TV either but I can live without that much easier. I really did feel like someone had cut my arms off, when we finally got connected and AJ had to take the laptop to work I could have cried.

I struggle to remember what I did online before FB, it has certainly made living in another country much easier for me. In fact I don't know what we would have done without it. Through FB I made a very good friend who I felt I "knew" before we met in real life, when we did meet here in Cyprus luckliy we got on well and that online meeting has totally shaped our life here.
I've heard people say "You should get out more" well I try - I'm out as much as possible! But when I'm not (and remember I'm at home with an 11 month old baby) it's the next best thing.

Along with FB I also discovered a few forums, in the UK I usually just "lurked" (read posting but didn't comment) but now I often take a more active role. My two favourites are Babycentre and Eastern Cyprus. BC gives me info and random chat with other Mum's with simliar age babies helpful now I don't have health visitors and NHS direct! E.Cyprus has also helped me to make "real life" friends here and find out where to buy things and other useful information.

So, I am an addict and happy to admit it!


  1. My Name is Fiona and I am the same. Ha ha!!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one!

  3. I was. An addict. To Farcebook. No more. I have switched my addiction to blogging!

  4. Are you still addicted, or has the obsession worn off a little? I wonder...

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro! :-)

  5. I used to be addicted but twitter and blogging are my new obsessions. Has this changed since you wrote the post?

  6. Yep, still addicted! Just added blogging and twitter to the list of things I spend too much time doing. I'm just nosy I guess and enjoy seeing what everyon in the UK is up to!

  7. I'm just addicted to both now!

  8. Not at all! I have removed a lot of friends but it's the only way I stay in contact with a lot of people in the UK so I can't see it changing really!


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