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I have to admit that this is not my Christmas tree, it wasn't even taken this year! We have actually been debating whether to even put our tree up this year.  We have the biggest tree in the world, brought pre-Leo when we lived in a 3 bedroom house, it was big then and we had to rearrange all the furniture to get it up. Now we live in a small 2 bed apartment and can't just rearrange the furniture we actually have to take some out.

Last year we put the tree up, well half of the tree anyway. AJ came up with the genius idea of making it sit flat against the wall. It worked and looked good, and continued looking good until New Year when we took it down. The reason for this is the fact that Leo was 7 months old, he wasn't crawling (or if he was not in the direction of the tree!) and he paid no attention to it at all.

Hence our dilemma this year. He doesn't tend to listen very often when told to stop doing things. I have lost count how many times I  have told him not to pull the books of the bookshelf or not to bang things on the TV. We wondered if it was worth the hassle of getting him to leave it alone. 

So it was decided, no tree.

Then I realised that Christmas CANNOT be Christmas without a tree, even if that tree gets ripped apart by a small person. It's hard enough to feel properly festive out here anyway. 

Tomorrow,  the Baileys will be opened, the Christmas CD played and the tree will be up...... and Christmas will begin.

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  1. Baileys? Now you're talking! ;-)

  2. Love this! And interesting because we're the other way round - we've been married for five and a half years, our eldest is three and a half and this is the first year we've actually had a tree at all!

  3. Bring on tomorrow, glad to hear it - Christmas tree time - keep up the 'Family Tradition' We have played the Christmas CD, while putting up the tree, complete with a tot of spirit while doing so! If it needs re-arranging, Leo will show you how!!!!

  4. Yay!! Up with the tree!! This is out first year with our tree not protected from little people by a playpen. Am so excited to have it "free" although we are all quite squished with this scarily big tree taking over the house. But it's fun.

  5. Interesting effect. I have to say it isn't Christmas here until the tree goes up!

  6. Love the picture and Yay to Bailey's, Christmas CD and tree. xxx

  7. What a great picture. Lovely. x

  8. I love the effect, that is one funky Christmas tree!


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