80's Flashback - Dolls

Following on from my recent 80's toy flashback post I wanted to elaborate,  while I had been writing the first post I had been browsing on pinterest and of course now it keeps showing me more of the same type of pins assuming that is what I am now interested in.  Well of course it is right, I love memories!

Last time I mentioned my favourites - Care Bears and My Little Pony, plus a couple of less popular toys but now it's all about the dolls.

Surely every girl growing up in any decade has to have a doll at one point, whether it's a baby, Barbie or Bratz, or whatever the latest is (I don't know, I have boys!)

I had a Tiny Tears (or similar) doll, you know the one - feed it and change it, ahh the aspirations we all had!   I wasn't a fan though,  I remember it annoying me that it didn't really look like a young baby and so it seemed silly.

This changed when I received Gemma (not sure why I wanted to call it something so close to my own name)   She was a very realistic baby doll in size and looks,  soft bodied, hard head, arms and feet and her eyes closed when you laid her down.

A friend of my Mum's knitted her a proper baby outfit, dress, tights, hat and cardigan and once I'd taken her out with me and a woman stopped my Mum because she thought it was real!

I don't know what happened to the doll in the end, I know I kept her for a long time even after I'd stopped playing with her.

I also loved my Sindy dolls,  I had a couple of Barbie's too but they were always the poor relation.  I had two Sindy's, one blonde (my favourite) and one brunette.   Two Barbie's  one was the 'Pretty in Pink'  with her long blonde hair, and one which came with a yellow outfit and short curly hair.   I also had a Ken doll.

'Pretty in Pink' 80's Barbie

Imagination wasn't really my strong point and so I used to spend ages setting everything up,  the house and the furniture and then never know what to do with them all after that. The only thing I can remember doing was playing weddings with them!

Of course the blonde Sindy was always my bride who then married Ken,   brunette Sindy was bridesmaid (as she had to be her sister of course,  that and the fact the Barbies clothes were posher and didn't fit the Sindy's!)

I think the reason I liked to play weddings was the fact that Mum often used to let me have a 'Wedding Breakfast' for them and would give me tiny pieces of Mars Bars and crisps to put on the plates for them to 'eat'

I the dining set, and an excellent cooker which had pans that made boiling noises when you put the on the hob - how easily pleased we were then!

Mum made me lots of things to go with the dolls and furniture I had,  there was a whole garden with bird bath, flowers, vegetable patch.   All of them painted and created from boxes and tins etc,  they were amazing and I wish we had photos of them.   I loved them at the time but now I am amazed at the time and effort she must have put into it all.

After the wedding they used to go on honeymoon, not a very exotic one as I only had the Sindy car and camping set!

Looking at all the photos I found whilst planning this blog post has been great but it reminded me that it was all so fiddly and I used to get so frustrated with it all - trying to do their hair,  setting out all the tiny things,  trying to put the shoes on.   I remember trying to get the dolls to be upright using the little plastic stands and they never worked.    I have fond memories looking back but I can see why  I preferred board games and then computer games once they were available!

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  1. I played with Tiny Tears. She closed her eyes, took water from a bottle and peed it out the other end when you pressed her stomach. LOL.


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