The one where I start again

Back in July I rejoined Slimming World, again.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for years you may well roll your eyes at this point and say yep, been there done that, and you would be right but I got to target (3 times!)  and stopped going, again.

Each time I was sure I would be fine, and of course the weight slowly crept back on, again!

You'd think by now that I would realise where I go wrong wouldn't you?

Well, maybe I have.

So, back in July I joined, again.  There were a few familiar faces from a few years back and I had been  before for a little while with the consultant but it was a new venue for me and I made a point of treating like a whole new start, I even read the book from cover to cover!

Like my original SW journey (Argh I hate that expression but can't think of a better description!)  this time my Dad has joined me, and like before he has powered through losing weight much faster than me, but that's fine, I'm very proud of how well he is doing.

I chose not to blog about it straight away,  just in case it all fizzled out and my motivation disappeared but now nearly 6 months in I think it's safe to say its going ok.

Aside from an epic gain in the summer*  the losses have been pretty consistent, although not amazing like before.  It's taking a bit longer than I'd like really,  several weeks where I've maintained or gained a little, and it doesn't always make sense but overall it's going in the right direction.

It seems harder this time to lose than it did first time round,  but things do change over the years. That was before I had the boys and more than 12 years ago now.  I was working in an office and the only food I had access to during the day was the things I had planned and brought in with me - no children's leftover to tempt me!

I've lost just over a stone so far in 20 weeks, and maybe more importantly, have been regularly exercising this time, which I'm sure is the secret to actually keeping it off, as well as not feeling like crap all the time!

Over the years I have realised that the real trick to losing weight with SW (and probably other methods but I don't know or care about those!) is first getting your head in gear and then getting on with it,  when you get to that point there are some weeks where it is easy - follow the plan exactly, do plenty of exercise and lose pounds,   and then there are some weeks where it seems ridiculously hard for no real reason. 

Last week I was expecting at least a 2lb loss, I was gobsmacked to see I'd stayed the same. I was a bit down about it, frustrated as I wanted to get my 1.5 stone award before Christmas and it was looking less likely, I thought about bringing my target much closer so I could stop quicker. 

I couldn't stay to group last week as we were off to Paphos for work, but a nice comment from my old consultant in the UK stuck in my mind all week and I kept plodding on.

Thank you Martyn, it worked and this week I was pleased to see a 2.5lb loss which meant I finally dropped a digit too and am now just 4lb away from my 1.5 stone award with 3 weigh ins until Christmas, that's got to be doable!

*5lb in one week  after our holiday which wasn't actually even a holiday, but I did lose it all the following week!

I'm linking this up to Mummy From the Heart's Reason's to be Cheerful as I've been promising myself for months to join in again, and whilst it's not a list I'm very cheerful about it!  I will try to write a proper list very soon!

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Mindset is vital on this stuff and if I was you I would look into Thinking Slimmer. I found that long-term effective having tried others things including Slimming World. Having said that I am glad your weight loss is making you happy #R2BC

    1. Thank you, I will bear it in mind. I do love SW and have reached target 3 times before (once before kids and once after each baby!) so I know it does suit me when I'm not sitting around eating rubbish ;)

  2. You're so right, your head has to be in the game and it does seem to get so much harder as you age. It's still an area i really need to address, I have joined a gym though and been exercising, so that's a good start. Lovely to have you join in. Mich x

    1. It really is, I always thought it was just an excuse people used when I was doing it 12 years ago. (although I think some, including me, sometimes do use it as one!) I think exercising really really helps and I find the more I do it, the easier everything is, even if the scales are not changing.

  3. Well done. I'm also on the journey. I've lost 8lbs in almost 7 weeks which is a bit disappointing but, as you say, it gets harder as we get older. However, my mind is still in gear which I agree is the main thing. Onwards and downwards!

    1. That is good though! It makes me sad when I hear people not thinking they are doing well with 1 or 2lb losses, it means it is going in the right direction and it is a healthy way to lose it and more likely to stay off. Keep it up xx


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