Reasons to be Cheerful - A lovely Sunday and Motivated Monday

A month or so ago I was full of good intentions regarding my blog,  I'd published several posts,   14 in fact over October and November which I hadn't come close to since early 2015.    I was on such a roll that I'd even had several more ready to go and saved in my drafts folder!

I don't even know what happened but it's a bit like juggling,  as soon as you take your eye of the ball you drop it and have to start again.    I find it hard to focus equally on all the different things I do and tend to fall into an 'all or nothing' approach.  

So here I am,   feeling cheerful and trying to stay motivated on all aspects at the same time!

Yesterday was a great day and one where everything just seemed to go well.   I had planned to cook a roast dinner for the first time this year (too hot in the summer to consider it, and the boys usually refuse to eat them so I tend not to bother very often even in winter).   I was woken up early by the boys and rather than trying to go back to sleep I thought I might as well get up and do something useful for a change - they play nicely in the mornings now so I tend to make the most of the first lie-ins I've been able to have for the best part of seven years.

I was pottering around quite happily while the boys played in their room,  and by 9am had managed to do 2 loads of washing,  sweep, mop, clean the bathroom and prepare bits for dinner that evening.   Not bad going before breakfast!

I had promised the boys I would take them to the local toy shop, as they wanted to use their pocket money to buy themselves some Hot Wheels cars.  I hadn't told them it was the official shop opening day (even though it has been open for months) and to celebrate there was also a bouncy castle,   train ride and food and drink with stilt walkers,  mascots and music.

We spent a few hours up there sat outside in the sunshine and met up with a friend and her girls.   The children played happily and we had a beer and some food whilst enjoying the sunshine.   It was a great afternoon,  and it was all free - the food,  drinks and even the train.    A real surprise, as I've been to many events that have been much worse and we've paid for them!

My friend and the girls came back for a cuppa which meant the kids were quite happy to leave and they played some more, which meant when they left my boys were happy to sit quietly (ish)  and watch television while I got dinner underway. 

We then went on to eat dinner, at the table - all at the same time like normal people for once!    Louka refused to eat anything except sweetcorn, but Leo impressed me and cleared his plate for the first time ever when eating a roast dinner. 

Boys were then bathed, and had a story in bed.    I cleared up, and even put the clothes out ready for Monday morning.

I realise this is all fairly normal stuff,  or should be probably for most people but it's really not that common in this house.   I rarely rush around and we are never late for school but it NEVER all goes that smoothly.     I feel like I achieved some sort of new parenting level yesterday  (ok,   only one child ate dinner properly but you can't have everything!)   - where can I collect my medal?

Monday morning sunrise

This morning saw an easy stress free school run (maybe my mood had rubbed off on the boys!?)  and I went off to my Zumba class - a great way to start the week!

If it makes you feel better though,   just when I was worried that I had actually turned into my Mother, I realised that I'd left my wet towels on the floor after my shower so I've still got a way to go!

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