Listography - My top 5 blog posts

Back in the 'good old days' of blogging one of my favourite 'linky's' was Listography over at 'Kate Takes 5',   so I was excited to see that Kate has brought it back for a one off to celebrate her 6 year blog anniversary.

It's a real blast from the past in more ways than one as we are sharing our top five blog posts of all time.  The first one was easy for me as it's always been my favourite post,  it's only a short one as it was from the real early days, and as you can tell if you read it, the days when I was at home all day with a baby!

One day.... 
I've often thought about updating this,  to reflect the fact that one day I won't be saying 'please stop fighting,  please put your pants on,  get off your brothers head and so on,    maybe I will if I get to stop asking the boys the same question repeatedly long enough to write it!

The other four posts didn't come to me as easily but it did give me a lot of enjoyment looking back over old posts to find them and reminded me why I loved blogging so much.

A blog of Christmas Past....
My favourite posts are generally the flashback style ones,  I love that through my blog I've been able to document not just the current events of our life but to go back and find old photos and share the memories attached to them.    This post was all about my childhood Christmases and it's one I tend to share every year since!

A letter to my 16 year old self...
A different kind of flashback but one where I think back to the 16 year old me and what I would tell her if I could.

The best weekends in the world...
Another 'flashback' post but a reminder of the best weekends we ever had,   good friends, bucket loads of booze, dancing and memorable moments.   It's a short post as I decided not to share all the moments that made it so good (public viewing and all that!)  but Aaron and I often retell the stories after a couple of drinks!

Me and my boy....
Another very short post (I was surprised at how short most of my posts were, maybe that was why I wrote so many!)  but another heartfelt one.  I wrote this the night before I went into hospital to be induced with Louka. It had just hit me how there was suddenly going to be a 'new' person around who I didn't know and how it was going to change things.  


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