The Christmas fun begins...

T'is the season to be jolly - and I declare that the season has started!

We have now been in Cyprus 6 years, and it's been just over 6 years since Leo was born, meaning that our family Christmas traditions started here in Cyprus.  I wouldn't want to go to England for Christmas now as it just wouldn't seem right!

For most people there is a thing or a moment that suddenly makes them declare 'Now it feels like Christmas!'  it might be the first Christmas advert (although in England that is stupidly early so maybe not!)   or the first Christmas card hitting the mat, or the tree going up,   or in Aaron's case getting up on Christmas morning!

I would imagine that for many expats it doesn't feel like Christmas until they go 'home', until the temperature is way below 20 degrees, but last year the 'Christmas moment' hit me as I walked into the square in Agia Napa for the traditional lights switch on.

I had decided not to go this year at first but after seeing so many posts about it on facebook and the fact I wasn't actually doing anything else I had a last minute change of heart and decided to go.

It was worth it, yes it was busy, yes the pushing and shoving for Santa was crazy but that's part of the fun surely!

The boys enjoyed it, they had fun playing in the playground with their friends and enjoyed the atmosphere even if they weren't particularly fussed about what was going on on the stage.  I drank some free wine,  had a chat to my friends, and listened to Christmas music - what's not to like!

I had warned Leo that we would not meet Santa as I couldn't stand to fight through the crowd which pushes and shoves their way to get a free present, after a while they run out and change to giving out Santa hats so I was not about to stand in the scrum holding Louka who is now very heavy and trying to make sure the Leo didn't get squashed when we have tons of them already! 

Leo was perfectly happy when I explained and enjoyed seeing his friends and watching the dancing on the stage. Louka was interested in the lights at first and then nothing could tear his attention from the play area!

It may have been November still, but it was a good start!


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