Real life Tetris - AKA packing your home to emigrate!

This week is the anniversary of our move to Cyprus, 6 years ago we were in the process of saying our goodbyes in a endless stream of afternoon meetups with little Leo being dragged all over Kent, family lunches and leaving drinks.

We were packing and sorting and re homing many of our possessions, selling loved items or giving them away to new homes, we said goodbye to our lovely dog as she went to her new home. We played 'real life Tetris' as we called it when we constantly tried to fit things into and around other things to save on shipping space, suitcase filling or packing up the car for our trips around the country to far away friends for a final meet up. 

I remember filling our new fridge freezer with fragile items, wrapping the glass shelves with duvets and packing them into the Christmas tree box, and then fighting with cardboard, bubble wrap and packing tape in a small garage trying to wrap the fridge itself for shipping. 

For weeks our conservatory gradually filled with boxes upon boxes, and as you got nearer the edge of the stack the shapes got harder to stack together neatly, of course we had started on the easy things, books, board games and boxes of kitchen equipment. Leaving floor lamps, a four foot framed picture and dining chairs until inspiration stuck us. 

We debated for days over the merits of shipping certain items or selling them and re-buying when we arrived. Our king size memory foam mattress was a hot topic of conversation over many dinner table conversations, as was the car. 

In the end they both came with us, the car picked up from Aaron's Mums a couple of hours after we flew, we took the chance and shipped it with several items in the boot despite being advised not to.  Christmas lights, an Ikea wooden pull along train, lampshades and cushions made it to the other side!

It made packing to move house in the same country look like a walk in the park, shipping lists and cubic measurements, bubble wrap..... oh the endless bubble wrap and packing tape!

I was advised by a new friend I was yet to meet in 'real life' that nappies, wipes and formula were very expensive here, and I should bring as many as I possibly could, so that was another shipping carton full - I clearly remember buying an entire trolley full of formula in a last minute Tesco run.   It was good advice - the formula lasted almost 6 months and I was stunned when I eventually had to switch brands and buy it here.     It did cause some confusion at the doctors though as they had not heard of Cow & Gate and they were very alarmed to think I was giving him Cow milk when they asked me what type of milk I used!

I was terrified as I watched the van drive away with all our possessions, would they make it unscathed to the other end?   I was amazed to see that they nearly all did, we had only one casualty – a broken Ikea tea light candle holder!   The image of the van driving away has stayed in my head as if its a photograph, you can tell I wasn't a blogger back then or at least the owner of a smartphone or I'm sure I'd have captured the moment!


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