Now you are five {Leonidas}

Happy Birthday Leonida'mou

Today you are five years old!!!
Every year on your birthday I marvel at how the years have passed so quickly and how my little baby became the gorgeous boy you are today.

You are a lovely boy, kind and caring and a great big brother to Louka, even though he drives you crazy at times.  I love to see you playing together and he adores you, copying everything you do!  I'm so pleased that you love to teach him new things and it makes me happy to see how proud you are of him when he says a new word.

You are doing very well at school, learning a language which is not your native tongue and doing it much better than I am! Your teacher Kiryia Ioanna is pleased with you and on the whole you are a very good boy at school - as long as you remember not to play superheros in the classroom and 'spiderman roll across the headteachers office.

You enjoy school even though you think your Greek is not very good - compared to mine it is amazing and  I think you know a lot more than you think you do!

Generally you are a very nice and well behaved boy although you often 'forget' to be good and that you must listen to us but you are getting better slowly!

You are certainly growing up and many things are becoming more enjoyable now you can understand and appreciate them, we can enjoy playing board games or on the Wii together or dancing around having 'bubble discos'

I hope you have a great time at your 'LEGO party today and you enjoy being 5 years old.

'Love you everywhere - Mama  xxx


  1. I feel like I've been watching him grow up over the three years I've been reading your blog. Amazing how quickly the baby years go isn't it. Happy Birthday Leo.

  2. i am sooooooo sorry for being so rubbish and taking my time to head over here and wish Leo a happy 5th birthday - seriously my life is so hectic at the moment!
    It is funny how each year it is Leo then TBAM 's boy and then Charles and then Burton who all turn a year older. our little babies are not babies anymore - how are they growing up so fast?
    He sounds like a lovely boy Emma you should be proud of yourself x x

  3. Awww, what a gorgeous boy! I can't believe how quickly our boys are growing up, such little superstars.

    Like Jenny, I'm sorry it's taken me a while to head over but this stupid LEGO party and bedroom makeover has completely distracted me!


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