Week 3 - Trying to stay on track

It's very hard when following any diet / eating plan to stay on track 100% of the time, the secret is learning how to get back on it, or preferably not veer too far from it in the first place.

This hasn't been a 100% week for me, it was my birthday so I knew it was never going to be!  Despite the fact I always joke that cake is syn free on your birthday (well, it should be!) celebrations inevitably  mean the temptation to eat and drink 'bad' things.

As often happens I celebrated my birthday over two days, my actual birthday and then a meal out the following day as it was the weekend. From a Slimming World point of view it could have been worse though.  I kept to the plan on the actual day apart from a big chunk of birthday cake and on the day of the meal I kept to it all day, until we reached the restaurant that is!

I knew I had the choice, and I could have certainly made better choices in the evening but the fact was I'd been waiting 9 months for a good drink and one of my favourite meals - so a fillet steak covered in Roquefort sauce with chips (could have had a Jacket potato but I'd have only covered it in butter!) washed down with a couple of pints of lager and 2 pina coladas was a special birthday treat for me.

The problem is not so much the 'off plan' evening, but how you deal with it the following day - does that evening turn into a weekend, and then spill over into the following week?

Well, sort of!
We went to picnic on Saturday and although I took a SW friendly pasta salad, I ended up picking at all the other yummy food instead. At this point it's very easy to think you've blown the week and as you will not have lost any weight you may as well not worry too much about what to have for dinner.

It's all about 'Damage limitation' as my consultant used to say, so I made an effort to keep cooking SW meals and went back to snacking on fruit and yoghurt in between times for the rest of the week.  Accept the fact you didn't stick to it, put it behind you and carry on.

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Weigh in time...
I was hoping optimistically for a small loss or more likely to have stayed the same but I put on 1lb.   Oh well, here's looking forward to next week.    Now I'm aiming for 2lb off to reach my 1st   half a stone!


  1. Happy birthday :)
    I think you did brilliantly to get back on track after your birthday and a 1lb gain on a birthday week isn't so bad.
    Good luck for next week xx

  2. MidlifeSinglemum18 October 2012 at 20:01

    I agree with Michelle, a 1lb gain after your birthday celebrations is actually very good. Well done for getting back on track afterwards.

  3. Happy birthday - it's my birthday next weekend so I'm expecting the same !! I think it could have been a lot worse so don't worry about it ! :) Great to see you in the linky xx

  4. Happy birthday! I had a challenging weekend last week where I definitely overindulged, but I was able to pull it back - a extra zumba class here, refusing a drink there.. You're on a big long timeline not just a week by week, it's changing your attitude that is the important thing xxx

  5. Happy birthday, good luck for next week x


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