All aboard for a birthday party!

There was never any doubt what theme to use for Leo's 3rd birthday party!

Thomas the Tank engine train party

He's the biggest Thomas fan I think there could be so it just had to be a Thomas the Tank Engine themed party. I love arranging parties so had been planning it a while now, and this year Leo got involved too.

A few days before the party he had great fun helping me make decorations, I cut out lots of train shapes from thick white paper and Leo painted them red and blue. We used these to stick up around the balcony and all over the apartment along with red and blue balloons.

My Mum gets the credit for the Thomas train in the picture - butter dishes converted into carriages by covering them in coloured paper. I used them for food so having the lids to put on them was very handy!

Leo also helped me to make the biscuits, although unfortunately I cannot blame the bad decoration of them on him as I did that myself! Although it was his 3rd birthday I put No.1 on them as I'd iced them in blue and Leo would have pointed out that Thomas is No1, I should have done green icing to be able to put a No3 (Henry!)  I'm ok at making things taste nice but decorating is not my strong point....which brings us onto the cake!

I had been searching for inspiration online for ages and eventually came up with what I thought would be easy yet effective. Apart from the slightly amateur icing of it, I thought it was ok. Unfortunately for some reason Leo was not so impressed!    I think he was bothered by the fact I'd used one of his toy engines and I had recently told him not to put his toys in his food so I can't really blame him!

My Mum also made a cardboard box into a Thomas train and we got the kids playing a game which involved throwing 'coal' into it.  I made the coal using black balloons filled with rice!

Train party coal throwing game

I made party bags for the children with home-made play-dough in red and blue, with some Thomas stickers and a mini box of smarites each.

Thomas and Friends train party invite
The logo Aaron made for the invites!

On his actual birthday which was Tuesday  he had his presents from us and Nanna and Grandad and then
we took him to an amusement park in Protaras where he got to go on a train!  He has been on a proper train once in the UK but was too young to remember it, unfortunately there are no trains in Cyprus so we had to make do with a pretend one.... he didn't seem to mind though!

We had lunch at a little restaurant by the sea with a great little play area, and then home for more cake. I had decided that I should make another cake so we could light the candles again and I quickly threw one together on the morning of his birthday using some leftover fondant icing and a packet of sweets.  He was over the moon with this one despite it taking me a fraction of the time I spent on the Thomas one. Can someone remind me to keep it simple next year please!

3rd birthday presents, card and cake


  1. There are no trains in Cyprus?!

    Looks like he had a fantastic birthday, well done you for going to such effort as I bet he'l remember this one for a while

  2. You shall have to take him to Drayton Manor - near Tamworth in the UK if he's a big Thomas fan

  3. Wow Emma you and your mum came up with some fab ideas for hs party! Those butter boxes as a train is brilliant! You could do a post on that idea all by itself I think!
    I know a file whose son, same age as ours, is well into Thomas aswell I have never seen so much Thomas stuff in one lounge. I think he and Leo would have a lot to talk/play about.?
    Glad his party and birthday went so well xx

  4. What a fantastic party you gave him! I love the logos for the invites too.
    His birthday cake is similar to the one we made for Charles for his first birthday.
    It really sounds like Leo had an amazing birthday. Well done you xx

  5. awww looks like he had a fab birthday well done you. Happy Birthday Leo xxx

  6. I would LOVE to take him somewhere like that, chances are by the time we get back to the UK for a trip he'll have gone off him though! :(

  7. Nope, No trains at all!


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