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Eczema? Rosea? Who knows!

I'm writing about this, not because I particularly want to remember it but in case someone can help!

Each year of his life my poor little man has suffered for a period of time with an unknown rash.  I don't know if it has been the same thing each time but I guess it must be, it never occurred to me to take photos each time (can't have developed the blogger mentality at that point obviously!)  so I can't directly compare. 
rash, eczema, rosea, toddler

The first time he got a rash at 7 months old in December we took him to the doctors, they didn't really know what it was but gave us some cream (no idea what it was) and within a couple of days it went.   It came back a couple of times and eventually I realised that each time he got it he'd been wearing polyester. 
He was then rash free until June when just after his 1st birthday was ill with a fever, as the fever went the rash appeared and spent ages trying various different creams and potions until it eventually it went within a few days. We were none the wiser as to what the solution had been.
Last year the rash appeared again and like before it didn't bother him at all, no itching, no other effects other than it looking awful. The doctor sent us to see the dermatologist who didn't really come up with any answer other than to prescribe cortisone cream and a antihistamine.   They did nothing but after a several weeks once again it completely disappeared. 
The disappearance coincided with the start of the very hot weather and the fact that he got the sun on his skin.  
This year it has come up again, at almost the same time, at the start of April I took him back to the same Dermatologist who quite confidently this time told me it was Rosea.  Once again he gave us cortisone cream and anti-histamine to take for 7 days. He said that rosea will go on its own within 12 weeks but the prescription should help.  I was really pleased we actually had an answer and reading the NHS website (can't help but always refer back to the good old NHS!)  it all made sense.

Within the week it had almost gone, but only to reappear within days. Now however it is also itching him and even putting moisturiser (for sensitive skin, eczema, etc) is stinging when I apply it.  I took him back to the Dermatologist today who shrugged his shoulders and suggested it might instead be Atopic Eczema and once again has prescribed the same!

So once again we are playing a waiting game and hoping that it will disappear very soon.


  1. Could well be.  Is he also suffering from hayfever at the moment?  This can make my son's eczema worse... 

  2. I don't have any magic advice unfortunately but can sympathise. My eldest has suffered from eczema/itchy rashes/hives all his life, he also has bad asthma and several allergies. he has had a rash very simular to your sons which comes and goes of its own accord with no tirgger to it. But also has distinct patches of eczmea too. The docs always prescribe the same moisturisers and steriod creams no matter what it is, eczema or funny rash, I just try to manage it as best as we can, thankfully he has been much better the past couple of years (hes 10 now) with only really the bouts of eczema under the knees, he was worst when he was under 5 when his skin was always so very sore :( Good luck and I hope you work a way to relieve the itching, its horrible for them.

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  4. Hi! I just surfed on your blog and Was wondering if you ever found out what the rash was? I will try and read a little more to see for myself. My daughter is 3 next months and has prettying the same. The itchy rash started 3 weeks ago and it looks similar to the photo you posted of your son. We got steroid cream but only used it for a few times. I now use physiogel cream, which does not sting! The rash seems to get worse with chocolate but my doc thinks it could be related to pollen. The won't do an allergy test before she is 5.
    Would be great to hear, what happened to your son!

  5. I am an adult and have been getting the same thing for years and years... no body seems to know what it is :/ ever find out what it is? Hope your baby does not still get it.


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