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No Tea & Teletubbies

This morning I woke just before 6am very hot and confused as to why hubby had turned off the fan in our bedroom. It took me a while to realise we had a power cut and I lay in bed sweating in the heat (it was 31 degrees at midnight last night) and worrying about the contents of my freezer.

Leo woke at 6am, an hour earlier than his usual (on good days) wake up time, he was still very sleepy but calling for me and asking for his wind on (what he calls the fan or the air-conditioning) and his juice. Getting him back to sleep was not an option as his room was like a sauna!

We got up and then I remembered just how much we depend on our electricity.... what to do?  First problem.... no tea - not a good start to any day! Second problem explaining to 2 year old that we can't watch 'tubbies' and no can't watch 'Mouse' or Thomas', and it doesn't matter how many programs you name you can't watch any, and nope we can't have the music on either.  I did try to explain but he looked at me intently then said "Hot Mummy, wind on please, Daddy fix it, needs batteries'  :)

Just as we were about to pile into my parents apartment to boil water on the gas ring on their BBQ (and cook a freezer full of meat  for breakfast!) the power came back on. Tea was made, Teletubbies went on and Aaron left for work. It was on his way to work listening to the radio that we discovered that many people had far more important problems than no 'tea and tubbies'

A massive blast had occurred when a store of confiscated Iranian munitions exploded in the Evangelos Florakis Naval base, situated on the coast between Larnaca and Limassol. The blast killed 12 people and injured many more, it also took out one of the islands main power stations leaving most of Southern Cyprus with no power.
Image credit: Cyprus Mail
For more on the story see BBC News or the Cyprus Mail

It was quite hard at first to find more information, Sky World News mentioned it briefly then moved back onto the phone hacking scandal and at first BBC World were not mentioning it at all. Obviously the local channels all had rolling news coverage but my Greek learning has not quite reached that level of understanding yet! Then I remembered Twitter, and was able to follow updates all day.

It appears that electricity will be rationed across the island due to having lost 50% of its output and different areas will be randomly selected to save power, it should go off for only 2 hour intervals. Water in many areas will be turned ON for 12 hours out of every 48 as the desalination plants are currently also out of action. Everyone is being urged to use as little water and electric as possible and tourists being encouraged to cool off in the sea or pools rather than using their air-con all the time indoors.... not something I can see the average tourist worrying about in heat of 40 degrees plus!

I've read that the island could face shortages for months, that's going to be a hot hot August! We have power at the moment and I've been organised and charged my phone, got water (ours has been off all day so far) and am preparing to eat a very large amount of ice cream when we lose the power again - I'd hate to see it go to waste ;)

*obviously I am being flippant with the title of my post and some of the content - it goes without saying that our inconvenience is nothing compared to those in the immediate area and those who have been injured or lost loved ones.


  1. Emma, if at all possible could you keep all followers updated on this please. I am currently in Afghan and my Wife and son are in Cyprus but I have little to no comms without skype, and obviously with the power out they have no internet. Really appreciate it. Jay.

  2. That was obviously a very sad day for all of Cypriots and friends of Cyprus even if we leave abroad.

  3. Of course, if you are on twitter follow me @emsyjo and I'll be updating. Whereabouts are they in Cyprus?

  4. It was an imaginary tea party. Teletubbies was a very popular kids show. Young children who love Teletubbies can have a fun and enjoyable Teletubby.

  5. Fantastic post Em, as normal, am glad of the info regards water and electricty. Such shocking events and very sad for all the families and friends of those lost and injured, my thoughts are with them. Can only imagine how scary it must have been for those nearby. One guy described it as armageddon and I'm sure that must have been how it felt with no way of communicating with the outside world and no idea of what had happened.

  6. Oh, that is awful.  I feel for you and of course, everyone else suffering.  I didnt hear anything about that either but being here in Portugal is like being in a cave at times!  That will hit the tourism industry hard too, Im sure not the time it needs it.
    Good luck!  

  7. What a huge shock, and terrible tragedy for the island. Reading it also made me wonder how we'd cope without electricity. Take it so much for granted, but millions around the world cope on a daily basis. Hope there are no more blasts in your part of the world. 

  8. Gosh, I'd seen it mentioned in passing but had no idea the fallout was so huge. Get some insulated cool boxes and some iceblocks, at least that will let you keep some stuff cool for the black out periods :(

  9. How terrible for those hurt and the families, and for the island both because of the blackouts (etc) and because of the businesses that will suffer. I can't believe this wasn't given more coverage as it is a truly awful thing.

  10. Sorry to read this. Glad you are okay but how awful for all the families who have lost someone or is injured. Sometimes I cannot understand how news such as this doesn't make it here. Take care.

  11. I hadn't heard this at all. It must be horrible for those on the island, and a real shame that the world's media don't seem bothered. I hope things get better for everyone soon x

  12. I had no idea this happened. Such sympathy to all who were affected by teh blast.

    It always amazes me how news is reported. We've taken to listening to the world service as is the only way to get a reasonable representation of global news.

  13. I watch BBC world news here and they only briefly touched on it!

  14. They are keeping the power on in all the tourist areas so they shouldn't even notice - good but it makes me wonder how many people will come on holiday and leave having not known anything about it!


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