Our new home!

Our apartment is in the village of Derynia which is on the east coast about 2km south of what is often known as "the ghost town" of Famagusta - the old tourist town which was abandoned in the invasion of 1974 by Turkey. You can actually see some of the abandoned hotels from our balcony.

It's about 5 miles from Ayia Napa and Protaras so close enough to visit but far away enough that we're not surrounded by tourists all summer long!

The apartment is a large one bed penthouse appartment, I say large as it is 79 sqm and if it was 80sqm it could be classed as a 2 bed!

Aaron has completely redesigned the kitchen (It's what he does!) and so we now have a lovely big kitchen / living area with a breakfast bar and big patio doors which almost take up the whole wall, opening onto a balcony where we will have our dining table.

There is a lounge which will become our bedroom and the main room (as it's furthest away) will be Leo's. There is another larger balcony which opens off of the two bedrooms where we will put our new rattan 3 piece suite.

We have a communal swimming pool on the opposite side of the building, and there is underground parking.

There are 22 apartments in the block, Aaron has already met some neighbours when he went out in July to taek delivery of it. My Mum and Dad have also got an apartment on the ground floor, it's a little bit smaller than ours but with a big garden.


  1. It all looks very glamorous! I would feel as though I were on holiday all year round if I lived there. :-)

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  2. We do have many 'holiday moments' but unfortunately we are 'self catering' and there is no maid service ;)

  3. It sounds wonderful! What an amazing new beginning that must have been!


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