First Trip to Cyprus

Our 1st trip to Cyprus was in August 2007, we went on a property viewing trip, 3 days being driven around by a sales rep, It was very helpful as we spent most of the time learning about the different areas and what it was like to live there once we had convinced Kev (our rep) that we were not buying on this trip.

By the time we left we had a much clearer idea of what we wanted, and a long list of questions had been answered. When we got home between the four of us we came up with a long list of what the property / properties would need for us to buy them.....
for example..
Location to be not too touristy or full of ex-pats only
Within walking distance to shop for essentials (Mum doesn't drive!)
Near school / nursery (We were thinking ahead!)
Near doctors / hopsital
Resonably close to the coast
Property to have air con and a pool - I've ALWAYS wanted my own pool so there was no way I could be in Cyprus without one!
etc etc - there were more but I can't remember them all now!

We spent every evening debating the pros and cons and looking at property magazines and online, we even drove to Birmingham for "The Place in the Sun" exhibition.
It was here we met Mark and decided to book our 2nd viewing trip.

As we flew out this time, officially we still had no intention to buy but I think we all secretly expected to get something - well maybe that was just me & Aaron! If we saw "The One" it would have to be done! Cyprus was going into the Euro in Jan 2008 and it made sense to buy before then.

And so we did - In 3 days we saw sooooooo many properties and drove backwards and forwards all over the East coast, it was absolutley exhausting!

Both Aaron and I, and my parents brought an appartment as they had exactly what we were looking for. They ticked every box and we couldn't see any disadvantages - and stil can't, and we really tried to find some, so now time will have to tell if it was a good move but so far so good!


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