Colour changing experiements

When they are not glued to their electronic devices the boys favourite thing to do at home are experiments.  While I do want to do things like this with them it is often a request that I sadly turn down quite frequently,  it makes the days of asking to get the paints out seem much less painful now!

The problem is to provide them with an 'experiment' I need to jump on pinterest or google to for ideas (seriously how did people 'parent' without them!)  and then I need to have the stuff at home to do it, the time and of course the will to sort out the aftermath.

We've had several failed experiments which usually end up with everyone in a bad mood, but every now and again we strike gold!

Our recent 'experiment' was deemed a success in the fact that the boys enjoyed it and it kept them amused for much longer than I expected,  and the clean up was minimal.   As for actual science learnt I'm not sure,  but hey - 'they' say kids learn through play don't they!

I provided them with bicarbonate of soda in a dish,  vinegar, and lemon juice in an ice cube tray each and added some food colouring for a more interesting effect.

They each had a plastic syringe and I let them get on with it...

bicarb soda experiment

They loved how it bubbled and fizzed,  and enjoyed seeing the difference between the vinegar and lemon juice.   Of course it didn't take too long for the powder to become saturated but surprisingly that is where the favourite bit started.

Abandoning the dishes of bicarb they turned their attention to the ice cube trays and did their own experiments in colour mixing.

I refilled the trays several times,  just using water now but still adding a tiny dash of colouring. Louka was busy getting as many different colours as he could but Leo was more interested in different shades of the same one.

I haven't seen the pair of them enjoy something at home so well together in ages,  in fact I'm wondering if it's even ever happened before,   there was no fighting, arguing and they were being so nice to each other, swapping colours and making new ones together.     If only it would have the same effect if we did it again!


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