2014 - it's been nice knowing you!

2014 has been an interesting year, full of change for us and new beginnings.

January was a quiet month for us, same old stuff and no real hint of the things to come. Looking back to remind myself of anything interesting I may have forgotten I see that I only took a handful of photos and wrote very few blog posts, something that continued all year unfortunatly.

Creating with Daddy.

February saw the launch of my website - the Famagusta Parents Network and I threw myself into launching the site and all that goes with it. It's been a lot of work but I've enjoyed it so much (and still am!) and I've been really pleased with the support and contributions I've received from the community.

March was carnival time and we got to join our friends on the Performers Academy float in the parade which was great. Blogging was sparse again as I was spending all my free time working on the FPN site and planning the first Family Fun Day which was brilliant fun but somewhat time consuming! Although it was the month I wrote my favourite blog post of the year - 'Time changes everything - eventually'.

April's highlight was definitely the FPN Fun Day, which was a great success and I can't wait to do it all again in 2015.  It was attended by hundreds of people and raised €550 for a local charity in the process. It was also the month that Klik Photography was launched, then known as 'Aaron's Klik Photography' and the start of what was to become the family business by the end of the year.

Of course the highlight of May is always Leo's Birthday, and this year was no exception as everything was awesome. We celebrated his 5th birthday with a Lego party which I think I had as much fun arranging as he did on the day!

It's hard to pick just one highlight of a whole year but for me it happened in June with the surprise arrival of one of my best friends for her first foreign holiday. We had such a fantastic week and it was like being on holiday myself - beach, pub, beach, and pub some more and I even sunbathed!

July is the first full month of the summer holidays after the end of term in June and the temperature had well and truly risen. It was a month of daily pool trips either to our own shared pool or meeting up with friends at the hotel pools.  The boys really did well with their swimming this year, Louka swimming around happily with armbands and Leo, who stopped using them last year started diving and swimming underwater with ease.

August was Loukas 2nd birthday and we had our first pool party as it was just too hot to spend the whole party on the balcony.  We also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and Aaron wrote me a lovely poem as a throwback to his wedding speech.

September was a nice, fairly non eventful month for us. In Cyprus, the temperature drops slightly after the huge peak of August (well, at least towards the end of the month!)  and although the schools return as they finish at 1pm there is still plenty of time for pool and beach trips or long weekend evenings out and about.  We had various trips out most in the name of 'research' for my website!

In October I celebrated my birthday with a lovely afternoon at a favourite restaurant of mine with lots of friends and our assorted children. We also got in a few more beach trips which are much easier now Loukas is getting a bit older,  and treated the boys to afternoons in the Luna park and at the mini-golf.  We ended the month with several Halloween parties and various costumes for each one! I also was excited to learn that I have been nominated for an award at the Daxi Business Awards to be held in January! 

November saw the start of Leo wearing glasses and unfortunately having to wear an eye patch for several hours each day. He is happy with his glasses but getting him to wear the patch is a daily struggle, we have been told however that it is working and his bad eye is improving from wearing it so hopefully we won't have to do it for too long. 

December of course means all things Christmassy, and we did all we could.  School fete, Christmas Avenue, Paralimni's 'Christmas Wonder', Christmas crafts, school play and more.  We had our first ever Christmas dinner out this year at our 'local' and it was a lovely addition to our usual Christmas day.   We also took delivery of the new Klik Party Booth - the ultimate party gadget and the new addition to what was originally just Aaron and a camera.  We have attended our first two events, with another on New Years Eve and are looking forward to many more in 2015. 


  1. wow Emma what an eventful year you have all had! I am so pleased to read of such a happy and busy 12 months and I am so chuffed for you all that Aaron's business has really taken off. a photo booth is a great idea! Does this mean he no longer has to work in his seasonal job now at the moped place?
    happy new year xx


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