Friday, 18 July 2014

Schools out for Summer

As we are already 6 weeks into the summer holidays this post is a little late but we've been busy with an unexpected visitor, birthdays and plently of swimming!

The schools in Cyprus break up mid June and the long holiday runs until the second week of September.   This September Leo will start his compulsory year of Prodimodiki (pre-primary school), he will be in the same school as the last two years although possibly in a different class as he completed one year of kindergarten there and an optional year of Prodimodiki already.

Leo has done well at school this year, improving on his Greek and coping with the change of class and teacher with no problems. As the only child with two English parents (and therefore having no real exposure to the Greek language out of school) I think he's done pretty well mixing with the rest of the class, there are just a couple of other children who speak English as well as Greek in his class but he plays with most of the other switching between the languages without much problem.

At the start of the year he became best of friends with a boy called Alex (English Mum, Cypriot father) and they have been inseparable all year.  Every day at home time they would run together to the end of the road and back, causing his Mum and I to stand there for ages trying to coax them into the car!

Unfortunately Alex is slightly older and therefore will be moving to the next school this September meaning Leo was devastated to be losing his best friend, I'd never seen him so upset as he was at the end of term and there be nothing I could do about it.

Leo ended the year with a fantastic performance in his school play with Alex as a clown (a great bit of casting for the terrible twosome!) and enjoyed a final week of fun and games, including a trip to the local fire station and soft play centre.

The last day of term was a party day, all the children took food - sweets, cakes, biscuits and crisps and had a fun morning of games and dancing.  I loved the excitement in the air at home time (could have just been all the sugar!) when they all came out clutching bags of work and paintings along with presents from the teacher and a certificate.

Leo is now loving the school holidays and saying he doesn't like school and wants to stay on holiday forever but we have a few more weeks of freedom before having to reign him in again for the start of the next school year.   Luckily here in Cyprus summer doesn't end when school starts, and we'll have plenty more beach and pool afternoons left before the season ends!

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  1. Sounds like he's had a brilliant year at school. I was the only English speaking child at my school abroad. Kids pick up languages so quickly! I can remember getting mixed up between the two eventually, depending who I was speaking to lol. Love the clown photo!

  2. Leo is so good at art - much better than Burton who just kind of makes a mess most of the time! sometimes he surprises me and does a really great drawing but most of the time it is a bit hard to decipher what he has done! sounds like Leo is doing so well at school and his Greek is amazimg considering he has no greek speaking parent at home.
    shame his bestie is moving on so i hope he will soon make another
    thank you for linking up x x


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