Remembering a younger me....

After promising to get back to blogging basics what better timing to join in with the Gallery for the first time in goodness knows how long, with the perfect prompt for the moment 'A younger me'

Last week I had the surprise of my life when Aaron came home late Sunday night with my friend of 33 years!  I last saw her on my very short trip to England in February 2013 and the other time I went to the UK in August 2010. I constantly badger her to stay in contact via skype but hadn't thought for a second she would be able to actually come and visit, with family, work and voluntary commitments, plus the cost of flights, and the fact that she'd never traveled before, I always thought it was a far off possibility.

Let me share with you, the younger 'us'

From pre-school, to primary, secondary and then (briefly) college we did it all together.

Five children between us, with her eldest and my youngest having almost a 17 year old age gap, makes no difference, a initial move to the other side of the country 15 years ago made no difference, other than the ability to walk up the road to let myself in her house.

Moving 2000 miles away, kind of made a difference. for the first time in our lives we are not just a car drive away, but it turns out it still makes no difference when we actually get together.....

A night without the kids, a bucketload of beers and a bit of karaoke and plenty of dancing, and all of a sudden we're 18 again!


  1. firstly Emma you look bloody amazing - what a slimster you are!! Love your blue dress
    secondly - what a wonderful surprise and i now what you mean botu some friendships - you may not see that person for ages but when you get together its ike you have never been apart and it transports you back to your younger years x

  2. Thank you, it's a bloody good dress isn't it ;) The tan helps too I think!

  3. awww what a lovely post .. i think beer always helps us stay 18 ;-) xx

  4. True indeed! There are very few friendships in life like this but these ones are definitely worth treasuring. Hope you have an awesome time together :)

  5. You sounds very much like your very close but distant friend. The very best types aren't they?

  6. What a lovely post and you look gorgeous x

  7. Awww... I ... my friends got mad at me for now involving them in my pregnancy. The thing is I was stark raving mad then and I am pushing away everyone even my family. So when I gave birth I dont have any visit from them and well I am far from them now. I miss them tho. I wish I can say sorry and patch things up. I envy your friendship. #TheGallery

  8. At least it makes us think we are ;)

  9. We did, it went all too fast though!


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