The one with the poem

We don't usually 'do' cards in this house, so this morning I posted this to Aaron's facebook page.  I was however surprised (and  hugely outdone!)  by his lovely offering...... not just a photo but he'd gone much further than 'googling' a quote, he's written his own poem to mirror his wedding speech from 10 years ago....

It’s been 10 years now that you have been my wife
and that is about a quarter of my life
that we have spent together in wedded bliss
even if at times it’s been hit and miss

So 10 years ago I did my speech in rhyme
and it seemed appropriate at this time
that I should do another to honour an era
in which some of our dreams have got nearer and nearer

We've had 2 great kids and moved far away
although we have done these things in our own special way 
are we as happy today as the day we were wed
the answer is yes if the truth be said

So even after 10 long years 
of sharing all our hopes and fears
all that remains for me to say
is I love you more today than yesterday 

Happy Anniversary!

I love it,  and so much better than a card!


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