Now you are two {Loukas}

Happy Birthday Louka mou,

Today you are two years old!  I'm not sure if you really understand what your birthday means but I know every time it's been mentioned you say 'party?'  which is closely followed by 'cake?'so  I can assure you we will indeed be having a party today and there will definitely be cake.

You are a real little character now, with an ever increasing vocabulary. We can understand lots of what you say now, and Leo is even better at working out what you'd like than we are.

Speaking of 'your Leo' we are all pleased you have finally started calling him by the right name.  It's been a mystery to us all why you've insisted on calling him 'Mordy' for so long. As entertaining as it was it drove Leo crazy and left us all wondering why you refused to even try and say 'Leo' when you attempt to say pretty much anything else!

You are just on the verge of putting all your words together to make sentences now and it amuses me to hear you chatting away so earnestly to everyone, especially Leo and your best friend Jaxon.

You love to dance, and mirror Leo in all his favourite songs - the current favourite being Elvis' 'Burning Love' and you can be heard all day running around singing 'hunka hunka' from it.

You love to play with Leo, and most of the time you get on very well. Playing 'Kirby' on the wii is a loved pastime of yours, and now we finally let you have batteries in your wii remote, you have surprised us in actually being able to play it too!

A lot of your favourite things are inspired by your big brother as along with the usual likes of a toddler such as Thomas, Bob and Barney, you love the Superheros, - 'Batbat' (Batman) and 'Hunk' (Hulk)  to name just a couple!   Following on again from Leo, Power Rangers are also featuring now - but as we keep trying to explain - 'Samurai' is NOT and answer to something you don't wish to do!!

Sleeping and eating are still not things you like to do that much of,  although yogurt, raisins, and bananas are always a winner!  You are now in a 'big boy bed'   which seems to be a small improvement but so far you've only managed one complete night's sleep in your life - lets hope you get the idea sometime soon little fella..... please?

Every night you take your favourite cuddly toys to bed - Mickey (mouse) and 'orse  despite us pointing out that he is called Eeyore and he is in fact a donkey not a horse you will not be convinced!

Swimming is pretty much a daily activity at the moment, and luckily you love it,   running to get your towel and shorts as soon as it's mentioned, you stand at the door saying 'Swim?  yes? go go' Luckily you are happy to wear your armbands and you happily splash about, jumping in, and falling off the lilo. I think you'll be swimming like a fish next summer!

I hope you have a very happy 2nd birthday little man, and a wonderful year ahead,

Lots of love and squishy cuddles,
Mama xxx


  1. so sorry i hsve not seen this earlier! happy belated birthday little man. i love that he wouldnt call Leo 'Leo' for so long - sounds like he enjoyed winding his big brother up! lol reminds me of another little boy i know! xx


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