Tuesday, 29 November 2011

It's still all Greek to me!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I'm in the process of learning Greek, I have been learning it on and off for several years now but have struggled to get into a regular pattern of studying.  When I received my Rosetta Stone TOTALe software back in July I was very excited (I really was, I believe I may have tried to put Leo to bed an hour early.... it didn't work!)  and threw myself straight into it, doing a little almost every night and scheduling Studio sessions whenever I could.

Included with the TOTALe package is 3 months subscription to the online services, and when this ran out I think my motivation left with it!  In the similar way to going to an actual Slimming World class helped me to lose weight the live sessions ensured I kept up with the lessons and didn't start to skip days. The thought that you have one booked and you are going to be having a 50 minute conversation in Greek makes me much more inclined to get on with it!

Rosetta Stone have kindly offered me further on-line access to the Studio Sessions and other on-line content so I've eagerly booked up my next two sessions, one tomorrow and one at the weekend..... I've gone back to basics and am choosing to re-do Level 1 and 2 rather than the Level 4 that I had got to as I've been slacking for so long I'm reinforcing my knowledge of the early stuff. 

I'm determined to stick with it this time, not only will I need to speak the language when Leo goes to school but now I'm working I'm dealing with locals on a daily basis and often making phone calls to people who don't speak English very well, or at all - in times like that I really need to be able to say more than 'I'd like 2 beers please'   (even though that's almost definitely what I'd be wanting!)


I'd also like to say how impressed I was with Rosetta Stone support, (and for not pointing out how stupid I was when it turned out I was typing the activation code in incorrectly  *bangs head on keyboard*)    When I couldn't find the answer to my problem on the website, I spoke to an on-line support guy for an hour who did some techy stuff and fixed the first problem.   Then the following day after discovering I had a problem with the new activation code, swearing at the laptop for a while and them giving up with the hump R.S called, remotely accessed my computer and sorted it all out in a few minutes.

I'm now all good to go again.....    


  1. My OH and I had always planned to move to Greece and so we started taking Greek lessons - I really enjoyed it.  But when it came to it we ended up moving to France!  Luckily I had O level French, but it was really rusty!  After 7 years I get by, but whenever we go to Spain (which is only an hour away from where we live), I find myself slipping into greek.  I'm sure the Spanish are completely baffled by someone driving a French car, speaking Greek in Spain with an English accent!

  2. Efkharisto - that's all the Greek I know and I can't even remember if it's please or thank you. My Hebrew is far from fluent (after 24 years in Israel). I can get by but it does remove you a bit from being 100% part of the culture. If there is one piece of advice I would push to a new expat, it would be to become totally comfortable with the language. It is the key to everything. Good luck.

  3. Chelsea St.Pierre9 October 2012 at 20:26

    Lovely blog.happy to have come across it...very from the heart!!! totally had to join in the fun here!!!
    tight hugs from the UK.london


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