Its all Greek to me!

Welcome to my latest adventure, this is where I will be blogging about the journey I take as myself and my family learn the Greek language.

I will be learning at home using the Rosetta Stone TOTALe program alongside other Greek language books and CD's I already own and by attempting to use the language as I learn with native Greek/Cypriot speakers.

I will be blogging about my progress and you read all the posts here on this page.

Its All Greek to me - An introduction
New life = New language  - First steps in Rosetta stone
My first Greek Conversation
Rosetta Stone World and Studio review
It's Still all Greek to me - Time to get back on track
I'm getting there! - Finshed level one of my course

I'm also trying to help Leo learn Greek as much as I can with my limited knowledge to make it easier for him when he starts school.

Learning his name in Greek 

Our Greek lessons so far

Also check out this great website - Greek 4 Kids

Greek for Kids

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