Wednesday, 8 June 2011

It's all Greek to me

When we decided we were moving to Cyprus, one of the first things I did was start learning Greek as it's very important to me to learn the language of the country I'm living in. I brought several books and CDs to teach myself from although I may have been working on the assumption if I brought enough I'd magically learn the language over night as I have so many I could probably open a library!

Greek is obviously not as popular a language to learn as say French or German and I spent a long time trying to find an evening course in my area. I did eventually find one and enrolled. Although it was enjoyable and I learnt a fair amount it was expensive for the amount of time spent in lessons. The course was split into two terms, payable separately and I was unable to complete it due to a certain little man being born right in the middle!

I carried on at home, trying to learn in amongst the night feeds and nappy changes and assumed it would be easier once we had moved to Cyprus and I was among native speakers but I was wrong! Although Aaron works with Cypriots and hears the language every day, all my friends here are also British ex-pats, and although a few speak a little Greek we don't speak it to each other. Up until now I have spent less time trying to learn the language than I did in the UK!

It won't be long until Leo goes to school and he will be learning Greek and overtaking my knowledge very quickly - this is not good, not knowing what he is talking about is asking for all sorts of trouble!

I know the alphabet and can read the language (except really long words!) and I know the some of the basics but as 'tourist Greek' will not get me very far it's time I stepped up the learning and then I'll also be able to tick another item of my 101 list!

I plan to ensure I make time to learn, and I will be teaching myself at home with some software which I should be receiving very soon  (dependant on the very friendly but not always that fast Cyprus postal system!)  I have used an older version of this software before and found it very helpful so am really looking forward to getting stuck in the the new one.

I'll be documenting my experiences of learning the language and how I get on using it and about in a new series of posts - 'It's all Greek to me' so you can see how I get on.


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  1. Hi
    Im looking forward to see how you get on, I am in exactly the same situation as you in Portugal, I started learning before I arrived and then tried to continue when I arrived, also  thinking being around native speakers would help, (although my husband is portuguese but we speak english at home) but it hasnt. Must try harder.


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