Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Going back to my roots

There's no passports or plane tickets involved, I'm not going back to those roots but I am planning to get back to where I started back in the blog world and revitalize this poor neglected blog of mine!

Back in September 2009 I started my blog on a whim with my first post 'Do you want to move to Cyprus?'  and a few more surprisingly short posts following it up, Our first trip to Cyprus 'What if?, and 'Not long to go'  I think they were probably so short as I didn't really expect anyone to read them!   Another thing then on my ever increasing 'to do' list, I'd love to have a more detailed account of the biggest thing I've ever done, especially why it's still recent (ish) enough to remember it!

There was a big break from November until January when I announced we were 'All settled (pretty much)'  and it wasn't until the May of that year that I managed more than 2 posts in one month.  At that point I was yet to 'get' blogging.  Most posts had no photos, tags or all the other things that come naturally to me now and I didn't give it a moments thought. 

I didn't realise it would come to be such a big part of my life in more ways than one and I had no idea that it could lead anywhere else,  I just ambled along, chucking up a post here and there as and when I felt like it. 

Onwards and upwards we went until 2012 with not far off 300 posts in 2011 and 2012, it was never a chore (well almost never!) and I enjoyed being a part of the community and taking part in various blog link ups.

With the arrival of Louka the entries began to slow down as I seemed to spend most of my time getting him to sleep, or stay asleep and the other times it seemed my brain had turned to mush. 

It started to become a struggle to post, the ideas were not coming as easily and I suddenly had to think about it for the first time. It was still my baby though and never far from my mind, always on the look out for a good post, although by now I'd discovered pinterest as time wasting rival to facebook!

Earlier this year saw the start of a new project for me, something that had been bubbling away as an idea for several years. In February I launched my new website the Famagusta Parents Network along with the associated social media presence us bloggers love need!  

Along with setting up the website, and very quickly going self-hosted AND trying to figure out wordpress for the first time, I had an absolute ball arranging the first FPN family fun day, something I'd had no prior experience in doing. Although I've loved (almost) every minute sourcing information for the new site, starting to offer advertising and running the facebook group and page it has meant that my 'big baby' my original blog has been left by the wayside.

I miss it though, and I miss the interaction with the blogging community- as every blogger knows - only bloggers comment on blogs (oh, and Mums!) 

I started my blog as a companion to our new life in Cyprus, initially as a kind of diary of our move and it gradually turned into a series of snapshots of our life with growing children. Looking back I see so many good memories captured on these pages and I'd hate to look back in the years to come and regret not keeping it up.

After a week off 'work'  when my one of my oldest friend came for a surprise visit (I'd say offline but we know that would never willingly happen!) it's time to find a balance between the two sites,  that and learning Greek, making at least a vague attempt to exercise, cook decent meals,and what was the other thing???   Oh yes, look after the boys and talk to my hubby!

So,  what is the answer?
Fellow bloggers, how do you manage it all?


  1. I wish there was a magic answer to this! something that helps me is writing posts on my phone when I have a spare 5 minutes/train journey/on the loo (haha) and then emailing them to my laptop to update later! I also have a list of posts I want to write to jog my memory when I get time. I find that reading blogs is always the thing that I don't get time for, such a hard thing to balance! Good luck, and don't let yourself get bogged down, it should be enjoyable!

  2. i find it is like having 2 full time jobs at the moment but that is my own fault for taking on a lot of reviews/sponsored posts and campaigns! I know that my blog has ben neglected in as far as writing posts about the boys - i am just playing catch up at the moment in the hopes that by the time the summer holidays start, i will have caught up x
    good luck with whatever you do - and you will find what works best for you x


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