Friday, 18 September 2009

What if....

We debated the pros and cons of actually moving abroad for quite a while! (I really wanted to say ages there as it did feel like it but some people might spend longer choosing an outfit I suppose!)
My reservations about it, (if you discount the "You just can't move abroad" statement as I had nothing to back that statement up) were...
"What it it all goes wrong?"
"What if we can't get jobs"
"What if we can't pay the mortgage?"
"What if we get sick"
"What if we think it's too hot"
"What if there is an earthquake, or a huge accident or we get abducted by aliens?"

"What if..... we don't try and look back in years to come and really regret it?"

As AJ pointed out (and I believe he has a point, which can be very annoying!) is that what's to say that any of the above would be more likely to happen there than here - well with the possible exception of it being too hot but I think I can live with that one

So, we booked ourselves a trip to go have a looksee - Why the hell not!!!

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