Thursday, 17 September 2009

"Do you want to move to Cyprus?"

So, how did this huge life changing decsion come about I expect you are wondering....
maybe years spent holidaying in Cyprus?
months of careful research?
a "too good to pass up" job offer?
family or friend connections?


It went something like this....
One evening (approx August 2007) whilst eating dinner Aaron (in the kind of tone you'd expect to hear something like "Do you want mayo with that?" or "Shall we watch Top Gear?") said, with no pre-amble at all "Do you want to move to Cyprus?"

I will never forget that moment, it still cracks me up 2 years later!

I remember turning round really slowly and saying (with a slightly bemused look on my face as he was obviously joking!)

Him: "Yes"
Me: "Cyprus??? Why would we want to move to Cyprus?"
Him: "Why not?"
Me: We've never even BEEN to Cyprus!"
Him: "I know"
Me: (now thinking he has completely lost the plot) Soooo, why would we move to a random country for no apparent reason?"
Him: "Because we can!"

So, this all happened 2 years ago and we are now in full swing of moving! It's a long story, and I think quite interesting (although I imagine I'm a little biased what with it being my story 'n all!) that I will share eventually

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  1. I would so love to have seen a polariod of your expression!!
    "Because we can" is just about the best reason on earth for doing anything!

  2. (p.s there seems to be a problem with me following you... apparently Google can't handle me! I will come back and try again this evening xxx)

  3. Ha ha how random, I am very intrigued by your story now. Thanks for commenting on my blog, will be back.

  4. Lol. What on earth went through his mind, I wonder? And what an adventure: moving just because you can!

  5. Well, we've always been a little bit mad - think we took it to a whole new level this time though, never mind, have been here nearly a year now and so far so good!

  6. That's hilarious! And I thought we were mad...

  7. I love it, doing it because YOU CAN. And why not!! Jen (Blog Gems)

  8. Such a brave move to have made. It does seem like your hubby just stuck a pin on the map of the world and it landed on Cyprus! very random!! Still what a wonderful life yu are now leading x

  9. Very brave - don't think I could move somewhere unknown.  Met up with someone recently who was moving to Oz and had never been.  I found that a bit scary.  That said, although I've never been to Cyprus, I would like to and I certainly would consider a move if say hubby said work wanted him to move there or similar.

  10. That is a brilliant start to your blog, and story of time in Cyprus! I always thought that your husband was a Cypriat or there was some connection. I didn't realise that it was random.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase!

  11. No, we actually are that random (or mad!)

  12. I love the spontaneity of that conversation and it just goes to show that sometimes the best ideas are the ones that just pop into your head!

  13. How wonderful, moving on a whim and living life to the full. I grew up in Cyprus, Limassol and Episkopi. Think it will have changed beyond all recognition now though x

  14. Yes, much better to wait for the children and mortgages, makes it more fun!   ;)

  15. My husband and I used to discuss moving to another country when we were newly married. But he would always say, "It's such a big step....etc" and we never did anything. Much better to wait until you've got three young children, two mortgages and spent the last two years doing up your house, then bugger off to Canada before you have the chance to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work! 

    But would I change a thing? Only get my gorgeous house shipped over....


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