Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Now you are three

Happy Birthday Leonidas!

It only seems like a matter of weeks since I wrote to you on your 1st birthday and again on your 2nd birthday one whole year ago but already you are celebrating your 3rd birthday.

You've changed so much this last year and have become a proper 'big boy' now, able to do lots of things yourself and usually insisting on doing them yourself even when you can't quite manage it yet.  Last month was a big milestone as you started wearing your 'big boy pants' and you have done so well at using the toilet.

You love lots of different programmes, and you chop and change through different favourites each week from Shrek, to Toy Story, and Cars to name a couple but nothing comes close to how much you love Thomas the tank engine!

You play with your tracks and your engines every day and astound me with your knowledge of them, now you can name almost every character there is (there are about 65 I think!)  and give us random bits of information such as their number or what part of Sodor they work on!

You are very inquisitive and constantly asking 'Why' along 'What does "insert random animal" eat?', 'What country does 'random person/ thing' come from?' and the most recent question - 'How does that work?'  You often have me lost for words as I try to answer all your questions.

You love meeting up with your friends, and you are desperate to go to school like the rest of them even though you don't really know what that is! I hope you like it when you go in September as much as you think you will!

This will be a big year for you as in August you will become a big brother! Every day you talk to my belly and give the baby kisses and blow raspberries on it to 'make the baby laugh'. You tell everyone we see that 'Mummy has a baby in her tummy' and you ask when you can see 'the baby brother'   At the moment you seem quite keen to share everything with him - even introducing him to all the 'engines'.

You have your 'challenging' moments but I imagine it must have been annoying at times being 2 years old, you can be an absolute star though, polite and friendly and always happy to meet new people. Many people have said how polite and clever you are.  You like to 'listen to the instructions' and you understand them even if you then choose to ignore them!

You are very imaginative which pleases me as you must have got that from your Dad! It's fascinating to listen to you playing and to hear your stories. You are also very clever, knowing many words in Greek as well as English now and you can match up your upper and lower case Greek alphabet better than Grandad can!

I hope you have enjoyed your party and have lovely birthday and enjoy being three years old!


  1. He seems to have grown up so quickly! He was only a baby when I started reading your blog and what a gorgeous boy he's grown into bless him. Hope he has a lovely day, Happy Birthday Leo! x

  2. Gosh Emma he looks so grown up in that last photo! Aww such a lovely post and it's such a great way a to record those memories that we might forget the older we all become.
    I hope he has had a great and very happy 3rd birthday. Where does the time go though? Scary xx

  3. MidlifeSinglemum29 May 2012 at 20:49

    Happy Borthday Leo! Three is fab!

  4. Emma a lovely blog for our Grandson's 3rd birthday which he has really enjoyed.

  5. This post is so beautiful, it really pulled at my heartstrings as The Boy rapidly approaches his own third birthday. Leo is a clever and talented little boy, well done for helping him on his way!

  6. Aw that is so lovely and such a lovely idea to write something like this at such a special time.  He is gorgeous and you must be so proud of him.

  7. I can't believe we've been reading each others blog for so long now!

  8. This is such a lovely post, a beautiful letter from his mummy {you should print them out for him} and he is such a cutie!

  9. What a lovely post - so great to remember their milestones and special ideosyncracies on their birthdays...thanks for linking up and sharing :)


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