Sunday, 29 May 2011

Now you are two...

Dear Leonidas,

Happy birthday little man, you are two years old today!

Time seems to have flown by since I wrote to you on your first birthday, You have changed so much in the last year I'm starting to have trouble keeping up!

Who'd have thought it possible that you are now more cute than ever, and very clever with it.  You now repeat everything we say, which is brilliant but not always a good thing, as sometimes we have to speak in code to talk about what we are doing later so you don't insist on it immediately.

Daddy and I are very proud and amazed at how well you know your colours, numbers and alphabet, and now you even know your numbers in Greek.  It's great to hear you read out every letter and number you see as we go about our day. 

Your favourite toys at the moment are your ride on turtle which you 'high five' and kiss goodnight. You love cars and spend ages 'driving' them up and down anything you can find. Like your Mum and Dad you also love your books, especially your 'big book'  Winnie The Pooh because it has lots of things to learn in it.  Your other favourite activity is colouring which Mummy is pleased that you enjoy but doesn't always think that 6am is a good time to do it!

Of course the best ever thing is still your 'Raff' (or 'orfinge Faff' as you usually call him) this has not changed since last year but now you talk to him and tell him all you are doing. 

We spend lots of time with Nana and Grandad and you get really excited when they knock on our door. You enjoy doing craft things with Nana, and Grandad always makes you laugh. 

You have lots of friends, and really enjoy playing with them all now, especially your favourite girl Leiarna

Like Mummy, you love your food and also seem the same have hollow legs that your Nana used to tell me I had. Fruit is still one of your favourites but you have also discovered chocolate and lollipops now! 

You amaze and amuse me every single day, I am very proud to be your Mummy. I wish you lots of love and big cuddles (with arms!) on your 2nd birthday.


  1. snap! it's my son's bday today too! and he's two! Happy Birthday to our two gorgeous little boys. x

  2. Hope you've all had a lovely day too, we've had a great time.  Happy birthday to your little man too!

  3. A lovely tribute to Leo who is a very special little boy.

  4. Oh, what a cute little guy!  I hope you all had a wonderful celebration :)

    Thank you for linking to Post Of The Month Club! XOL


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