The week we ditched the nappies!

Last Sunday we decided to start potty training Leo - well Aaron decided after I'd spent months faffing about it!. After a few attempts we realised the potty was no good and so got his trainer seat for the toilet and went straight for that.  The first few days weren't too bad - a few accidents but to be expected then Wednesday was not so good.

I'm not sure if he got bored with our constant asking if he needed to go but he started saying he didn't want to go and unlike the previous days he would not even go and try, only to have an accident a few minutes later.  Any attempts to get him to sit on the toilet resulted in a big tantrum despite the promise of stickers for his chart, and second present after his second line of 10 stickers.

Thursday was a slight improvement and he spent the morning down at my parents, so it was a lovely morning for me!  He tends to listen to my Mum so he used the toilet several times and had only one accident.  In the afternoon he had one accident on the balcony in the corner between the sofa and chairs but then went back in the evening and quite deliberately did it again which didn't go down very well with us!

I was not looking forward to Friday afternoon from the training point of view as we were going to my friends for an Easter party, but he stunned and amazed me by having no accidents and two wee's on the toilet - I discovered that the chocolate bribery was a good plan!

Saturday was much better, keeping on the chocolate bribery I offered him a mini egg for trying to go every now and again even when he said he didn't need to and mostly I timed it right and he went. Although he quickly cottoned onto the fact and sometimes tried to get straight back on for another egg.  We got through the whole of Saturday with no wee accidents but missed a poop!

Today (Sunday) was the first day with no accidents or toilet related tantrums at all! Now, I don't believe we can have cracked it 100% so soon but I'm very pleased to have not touched the mop today!


  1. Well done! The thought of potty training my daughter fills me with dread...

  2. well done! potty training is such a huge milestone I hope it continues to be mop free for you

  3. i was wondering how your week of potty training had gone! well it sounds pretty good so far especially considering how much you were dreading it. and well done Leo for making such a good start xx

  4. I have been dreading more than anything else so far (and I was bad enough with getting rid of bottles and putting him in a bed!) Everyone said wait till he is ready, don't push it etc but he's nearly 3, understands the concept and I just needed a push to get on with it.

  5. We just went through potty training a couple of months back, and it took about a week as well for the accidents to really stop. But since then, we haven't looked back, and I must admit it is wonderful not having to buy nappies anymore! Well done to your little boy!

  6. I was hating the 1st few days but have chilled out a bit more now.  Still not sure what my problem is, it's not like we have carpet!   Now just need to start going out again!


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