Birthday celebrations

What a busy birthday week it's been.... I had a nice birthday 'day' which was mainly filled with cake! It started off with toddler group to which I took fairy cakes, followed by a lovely home-made cake from my Mum and then the arrival of my friend with an armful of doughnuts.

In the evening, my lovely parents babysat and paid for us to go for a meal, we tried a new restaurant which had been recommended to us and had a lovely time. 

Last week I looked back over my childhood birthdays, and on the day itself my Mum wrote about my actual birth day so this week I thought I'd share some memories of a couple in between!

I love any excuse for a celebration and birthdays are a VERY good one so I've had some outstanding (usually) drunken celebrations. From my 18th birthday party where I tried to punch Aaron (and missed!) for getting me a stripper after I had made him promise not to, to a alcohol free weekend on the canal when I was pregnant I have many to choose from. 

One of the best has to be my 25th..... a 'School disco' party just before it became a very popular theme for everything!

Part of the enjoyment of a party for me is the organisation and my friend Larisa and I had great fun planning this one, from the food to the music. We had iced gem and party ring biscuits, loveheart sweets, drumstick lollies and 'flying saucers'  Mini sandwiches with the crusts cut off and cheese and pineapple.  Vodka jelly and ice cream and many more piles of sweet and sickly treats... I'm surprised people were not ill!

We decorated with tons of balloons and a selection of my old school photos around the room, and of course everyone dressed up for the occasion.

It was perfect timing as we were about to move from the house we were living in and had very little furniture so we cleared the whole room and took up the carpet. It gave a perfect dancing space and never have I seen so many people dancing at a party in a house! I have no idea what time the party ended but I do recall doing the conga down the road sometime after midnight - I think it was a good job we were about to move out!

Linking up to Cafe Bebe's fantastic Flashback Friday,  head over to hers to see some more great memories.


  1. Was an amazing photo, I remember standing in Boots after getting them developed (remember that!) and being so pleased it had come out well!

  2. Looks like a great party. Lots of fun x

  3. Love dressing up parties and uhm drunken ones lol! This looks great from the photo. Happy days :) xx

  4. LOL!! It is probably a good thing you were about to move out! ;)  Sounds like a fantastic party.

  5. Such fab memories! I adore birthdays...seems like you've had some very wonderful ones. Thanks so much for sharing again lovely! ;)



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