Birthday girl

Do you remember the days when you used to count down the days to your birthday? When you could hardly wait to be a year older? When birthdays were the best thing ever? I can very well, not unfortunately because it was only yesterday, but because I have a whole pile of photos from over the years to look back on.

Next Tuesday is my birthday so in my weekly trip down memory lane for Flashback Friday I thought I'd relieve birthdays gone by...

The years blend into one looking back but I loved everything about my birthday, from choosing the invites and writing them out at the dining table, and going with Mum to buy the matching party stuff weeks in advance as I'd be so excited.

Coming downstairs in the morning to see presents and cards on the table waiting for me and usually presented in a really cool way, One year I had a 'Care Bear' theme (in fact maybe more than one year!) My Mum had brought an extra table cloth and had cut out pictures and decorated the whole room,  another year Dad had strung fairy lights all around and they were all twinkling away as I walked in.

Over the years I had some really brilliant presents.. one that springs to mind was a pink Le Clic Camera, remember those?  I also had some fantastic cakes, at the time the most impressive to me were the Care Bear cakes made my our neighbour that I had two years running - same shape, change the colour and voilĂ  - different bear!  But looking back the Fairy Castle cake made by my Mum has to be the best...  I don't have a photo on my computer but this was amazing, made from many pieces of sponge with iced ice cream cornets on swiss rolls for turrets and all covered in lilac icing.   My Mum was so worried that it would all collapse overnight before I saw it but it didn't and was great!

One of my best ever birthday memories was on my 16th birthday, when I imagine I would have been much harder to please than in my younger years. I came downstairs, this time much later than my parents (as opposed to the days when I'd charge down at 'stupid o'clock in the morning) to hear "Happy birthday sweet sixteen" playing.  Apparently my Dad had been everywhere trying to find it on CD (I think my present that year was a CD player) to be able to play it.

Every time I hear the song it takes me right back to that moment, I remember thinking initially (in my stroppy teenage mind)  "oh my god, Neil Sedaka, seriously?" but then seeing my parents standing there and then listening to the words and just thinking how brilliant it was to have it played. Then listening to the words, that my Dad was singing and realising how strange it must be to have a grown up daughter.....because obviously I thought I was now all grown up!

If I should smile with sweet surprise,
it's just that you've grown up before my very eyes
You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen
Happy Birthday sweet sixteen


  1. it's really nice to read how special your parents made your birthdays :) I hope you have a great birthday next week

  2. Your photos made me smile and prompted me to go and look at my old albums! Happy birthday!

  3. Ooh how strange, one of my of my best friends' birthday is on the 10th!   

  4. Ooooh your birthday is the 11th October?  Mine is the 12th :)  What a great Flashback...I wish I had photos of my past birthday parties like this.

    p.s. I think I had a pink Le Clic camera one year too!

  5. I went and saw the Car Bear movie at the cinema and I had a Secret Bear!! Your parents really went to town for your birthdays which is just so lovely and the Sweet Sixteen song was a really lovely touch. Makes me go awww lovely flashback post xx

  6. Many happy memories - Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for Tuesday

  7. I was completely obsessed with Care Bears, I even set up a Care Bear club with 2 of my friends (oh dear - the things I end up confessing to online!)

  8. I'm sure they would, it's such an easy and inexpensive idea but makes it so special.

  9. What a lovely flashback :) It's great that your parents made your birthdays so special and you've given me some ideas for my children's future birthdays. The girls would love to have fairy lights on when they come downstairs on their birthdays!

  10. Aw, bless you! I adore birthdays and STILL count down and generally have too-high expectations for what might happen on the the age of 40! What a great selection of photos and what a lovely lot of cakes! ;) Have a wonderful birthday Mrs! ;)
    PS, thanks for your support re: Flashback Friday. We'll keep kicking it around for a while longer. ;)

  11. Lovely photos and those cakes look yummy! I love that song.

  12. how lovely of your Dad to create that special memory. and some great looking cakes!

  13. ah yes i remember this post now although i cannot believe it was 2 years ago that you wrote it!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you xxxxx

  14. I love looking at the pictures of my birthdays, they seem to blur by as you get older :(

  15. What a lovely post, such love for your parents' devotion to you. Bless them and you! I love looking back at old photos like this.

    Nipping over from Flashback Friday.


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