My Birth-day!

Today is my birthday so I thought it would be a good idea to ask my Mum to share her memories of my arrival while I turn the computer off and go and eat a lot of cake :)

Our daughter, Emma Joanne was born on Tuesday 11th October 1977, at 11.10 am. (which was a coincidence) weighing 8 lbs.9 ¾ oz. (3.9 kilos). Being born on a Tuesday was apt, as Tuesday's Child if full of Grace - my Mum's name.

Emma was delivered by Dr. Barnard, nephew of the heart surgeon, Christian Barnard, by Caesarean Section. I had undertaken fertility treatment, so we were extra lucky to have Emma.

As proud parents Nick and I left the hospital on Thursday 20th October, it was like stepping out into a different world, autumn had definitely arrived, golden leaves were everywhere, there had been none when I first arrived. Emma was wrapped in a shawl and I cradled her in my arms. Nick took us home to where her Grandparents (Nick's side)  were waiting for us, it was so good to get home. The next day was the turn of her other Grandparents to come and meet the new arrival.

Earlier I had been admitted to hospital on the 10th October, in preparation for a Caesarean Section. This was usually carried out a week before the due date, which did concern me. The next morning I could not wait for Nick to arrive, although he could not come in with me, he was with me to the very last moment as I went into surgery and he was there waiting for both of us afterwards.

I remember Emma being held up so I could see her, and then she was whisked away to intensive care for a while. I can still see the image of her face in my mind. I was taken to a room to recover, Nick by my side. Later that day I remember my Dad visiting, Emma with the other babies, all in small cots, were in a room with a large long viewing window. Dad said that she was the most beautiful baby there.

The next day I was moved into another room, which I shared with another new mum and Emma was placed in her cot, beside me. On the window sill were flowers and many congratulation cards, from family and friends.

In the early days of my pregnancy I had spent 3 weeks in hospital, having injections every other day because of our different blood groups, but it was all worth while to finally have our lovely extra special daughter.

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  1. First of all Happy Birthday and save me some cake!
    Beautiful piece written by your mum, I had a c section with the twins and sounds like things were really different back then. It's lovely to guest post your mum xx

  2. awww what a wonderful guest post by your mummy! you look art lot like her when she had you aswell :)
    i hope you had a very happy birthday Emma xx

  3. Happy Birthday!! I would love my mum to write down something like this about my birth. 

  4. Nicola Carpenter12 October 2012 at 16:40

    What a wonderful post. Really lovely! Happy Birthday! - Herding Cats

  5. Aww that is lovely, how nice to hear it from your mum! Happy Birthday too :-)

  6. Such a lovely post. Really interesting to hear how birth was handled years ago. Nowadays you can have your partner in with you and the baby always stays with you. Happy birthday for yesterday!

  7. awww i loved this post last year and its perfect to re-use again (I like what you did here!). i hope you had a lovely day yesterday and sorry i almost forgot!! x x


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