Sunday, 20 February 2011

So many "meme's" so little time!

"The term Internet meme (pronounced /ˈmiːm/, rhyming with "cream"[1]) is used to describe a concept that spreads via the InternetIn its most basic form, an Internet meme is simply an idea that is propagated through the World Wide WebThis meme may spread from person to person via social networksblogs, direct email, news sources, and other web-based services"

Interent memes and weekly link ups -  you might love them or hate them but you certainly cannot miss them in the world of "Mummy Blogging"  Personally I am a big fan, you may have noticed!  Link ups have been probably formed the majority of this blog since it I really got into last year, and it is because of them that I enjoy blogging so much. 

I read an interesting post yesterday - Where are the words? In it Nickie talks about the rise of the photo posts and asks if we are getting lazy with our blogging. Possibly - but I think all blogs should be what the blogger wants them to be and if that is all photos or music then so be it. Personally I tend to skim through some (not all) posts which are very text heavy, my favourite blogs are the ones who often particpate in the link ups that I enjoy doing myself, and I love seeing the snippets of the bits of their lives that they choose to share with us. 

When I first started this blog it was to be an account of our move to Cyprus and how we were settling into our new home. I nearly didn't start it up again after arriving as we had been without internet so long we were already settled! I'm glad I did though and I'm pleased that I joined the blogging community. 

Without taking part in all the link ups I am sure I would have stopped blogging months ago, it is through these that I have found most followers and it is these posts which generate the most comments - I love the comments, it's amazing to know people are reading and enjoying my posts but I have kind of forgotten the reason I started.I will definitely continue to do them as I really enjoy them, especially The Gallery, Listography and although it's only just started Flashback Friday is perfect for me, as I have always loved looking back over old photos and reminiscing. 

I will however endeavour to create more original posts, and remember the reason I started this, it is very easy to get caught up in the many linky's out there and run out of time to do anything else. I have had several in mind for some time so it's time to work on these alongside my usual favourites. 


  1. I'm a big fan of memes too. It gives you a reason to post when you don't have much inspiration. They are also good fun too - to read into people's choices for photographs, or lists, or reasons to be cheerful. I really like them and gives a sense of unity in the blogger world.

    If you're into films by the way (not sure if you are...), but I'm starting a "Movie Meme" on Tuesday - giving a genre/decade/actor and asking you to write a post about the film that defines it for you. Love to see you take part if you fancy it! x

  2. I'm known for being a bit rubbish at watching films - I tend to do it with my eyes closed! I'll definitely stop by and have a look though!

  3. Hi, me again. Following you now. Do you participate in Silent Sunday? Another good one hosted at Mocha Beanie Mummy.
    Liska x

  4. Oh I so relate. My blog was originally 100% about Aaron (although initially the trying to conceive bit). Before I joined BMB I was talking about swaddling and real childcare issues. Now it's meme after meme after meme. So much so that I haven't even posted that Aaron learned how to clap a couple of weeks ago.

    Once upon a time I would have been dying to get on my computer to announce and more importantly record (as this was a diary) that fact. I went through my videos to see when I videoed him clapping and it was far too many days ago.

    I don't want to lose my way in what the blog was for, but like you, memes are the way I have had fun and met people, including your good self.

    Liska xxx

  5. Thanks for reminding me of what counts. As you saw I have now posted "clap clap".

    Liska x

  6. Silly me, I can clearly see it in your blog archive now.... doh! x


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