Friday, 18 February 2011

Flashback Friday

One of the things I love most about my blog is the opportunity to use my much loved photos and share the stories behind them. I am a big fan of both The Gallery and Silent Sunday but am quite excited to find that Karin at Cafe Bebe has started a new photo link up.

Introducing the first ever Flashback Friday......
For now, let’s just get the ball rolling. Look back in your photo archives. It can be a picture of you as a child…your child in the early days/months/years…your house before a makeover…a winter photo…a “one year ago today” photo…The sky’s the limit. Just take us back in time. Share some words to take us there and we can all get nostalgic and smiley remembering “when”.

This photo was taken in our garden, I can't remember it being taken exactly but I can remember the kind of day it would have been. It was 1992, a week day as I am in my school uniform and obviously quite warm. I like this photo as it's a rare snapshot of a normal kind of day from that time, as I looked through the old photos, most are of a special event - a birthday or Christmas, either that or they are quite posed.  I suppose in the pre-digital days we didn't take as many random shots.

I wonder what we were having for dinner that night - I can tell you that if it was a Monday it would have almost certainly been chicken pie! 


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  2. How funny, I thought it was just my mad family who had set meals on set days! I actually feel better about being related to them now that I know other people have the same habits, LOL!

    Lovely picture too, btw.

  3. I am a bit obsessive about taking 'normal day' shots, because I have none from my childhood and I wish I did!
    (via Blow Your Own Blog Horn)

  4. I remember that face and stance well - bet my Mum had made me pose for the photo when I just wanted to go and watch TV or something!

  5. My Dad still usually has steak on a Saturday!

  6. I love it! It almost looks like your Mum is trying to plant your Dad! See, that's what I love about this idea...if I do say so myself...taking yourself (and us) back in time and reveling in a memory! Thanks so much for sharing! ;) sure to come back next week!


  7. good to have those memories jogged by a photo. I need to scan my stacks of old photos to be ready for more of this challenge!

  8. ooh get scanning, I love seeing old photos!

  9. Fab photo Emma! I love looking at oldie pics like that. What great poses from you all. Looks like your Mum is trying to push your Dad in the flower bed.

    SO funny about the chicken pie. We always used to have set meals on set days when we were growing up too.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Grandad Lee took the photo, we are all round our small pond, looking at the fish, hence Dad very unlikely heading for a splash!!

  11. Oh what a great photo and memory. I must get my old photos scanned.


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