Monday, 7 February 2011

Listography - Valentines wishes

Love is definitely in the air, as this week Kate's Listography is helping all the men who will (hopefully) wondering what lovely things they can get their gorgeous wives and girlfriends for a Valentines gift!

We don't really do Valentines in our house, I used to be very offended by this but now have been brainwashed by agree with hubby that it's just a load of comercial rubbish and what's the point of giving each other a card/flowers etc because you 'have to' surely it's better and means more on a random day because then you are doing it because you want to.  However that does mean that you have to do romantic things throughout the year or your anti-valentine argument is rubbish.....

I would like something for Valentines though.... and now I come to think of it, five things, thanks Kate!

1. A nice meal and drinks out with AJ, just the two of us. Due to a severe lack of babysitters we have not had an evening out on our own for over a year!!!

2. A haircut, I am desperate to get my hair cut having not had it done since AUGUST!!! I've been waiting for a bit of spare cash and then the chance to get it done. I've already cancelled one appointment due to AJ having to change his days at work.

3. A new outfit, I miss shopping, well I hate shopping but I miss having the option! Of course we have shops here but it's not the same, and because of that (and a lack of non-essential shopping funds) I've not got anything nice that's not been essential in quite a while.

4. Two lie-ins in a row (at least!), or in other words a late night followed by a lie-in but for that to happen I'd probably need to not be up at 5 or 6am else I might accidentally fall asleep at 9pm.

5. A trip to a spa, I think the previous numbers are quite sensible really, it's not like I was requesting expensive jewellery or city breaks in 5 star hotels, so this is my proper 'wish for item. Oh, and while we're wishing then.... I'll have a couple of my best girlies from the UK to join me, that would be great!


  1. Oh Oh I've jsut seen Mums response!! Is this real? Can she come round to mine after?! Hooray - the linky worked it's magic!

  2. Oh I hear you! Two lie ins in a row - now that took some fore-thought!

  3. What a gorgeously lovely mum you have!

  4. Lie-ins - what a heavenly wish for any parent! Wish I could have a few of those too, hope you get your list.

  5. You will go to the Ball! or at least, out for an evening with AJ. We will babysit for you, be it Valentines night or one of your choosing. You can make an appointment at the hairdressers, which we will treat you to, as a thank you for all you have done
    for us. All our love, Mum and Dad.

  6. Great list - And I am so glad your Mum will babysit so you can go out with your man and a swishy new hair do. Yay!

  7. Yes, she's a star. A well timed visit to Cyprus I think!

  8. Oooh what a fab list! I had a spa break back in October and it was amazing.

    And go your Mum! :)

  9. cute! I'd love a lie in! first time I've read your blog! just started following. great read. x

  10. You will be fab and gorg and calm after all that! Hope some came through.
    ... I doubled up with Kate's linky this week. Over at mine there is a weekly linky thing I Heart Me, all about mummy bloggers taking time out to blog for "me".

    This week is "what gifts would you buy yourself for Valentines Day." Your post could link, double linky fun!

    I ♥ Me at Notes to Self Plus Two

    Great to find your blog xxx


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