Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Gallery - Togetherness

In honour of Valentines Day this weeks Gallery prompt is Togetherness. 

It didn't take much thought to know the subjects I wanted to use for my photos....

My parents came out last week to prepare for their move over to Cyprus next month, we hadn't seen them since last summer so it's been great to see them and Leo has absolutely loved having his Grandparents around.

They are flying back to the UK today but it won't be long until they are back for good and we are all together again.


  1. My mother and father in law have considered moving to America for the sunshine and the way of life and having a gorgeous beach on their doorstep.
    And while I would love for them to be happy in their retirement, boy would I miss them. How great that your parents are moving to be with you in such a fabulous setting.
    Safe travels to all x

  2. Bless wonderful! You're very lucky...wish I could convince my dad and stepmum to move over here! ;)


  3. Is that REAL sun? I hope the move goes well and that you tons more happy photos like these :) Jen

  4. Lovely photos of the three of them:) how wonderful that your parents have decided to move over the to be near you, I bet you are all so happy and excited about it.
    Ps. I am not jealous about that warm sunny weather in the slightest.......

  5. Glad you had a lovely time - especially Leo. You can really start counting down until their big move now.

  6. It was lovely to spend togetherness time with you all and many more times are coming, very soon now


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