Friday, 19 November 2010

Lady in Red (and white)

One of this weeks Writing workshop prompts is Red - something this colour inspires in you. If you saw my recent Gallery entry for the same prompt you will already know what this colour means to me.

20th August 2004
6.30am.  I woke up in the spare room at my parents house and thought 'wow I'm getting married today....'

I managed a little more sleep, conscious of the fact it was probably going to be  long day. My bridesmaid Sarah and I went to the shop for a chance to smoke so early in the morning without my Mum telling me off for breakfast supplies. Dad was in charge of bacon rolls while the rest of us decided on a plan for use of the bathroom!

The hairdresser was late, so late I was getting a bit concerned, I rang and she had the wrong address. I was hugely worried I'd have to wear my hair down but she made it in the end. Apart from that the morning had been very peaceful, I was calm but very excited, Sarah on the other hand was terrified!

The cars arrived and my driver told me the traffic was bad and we'd have to hurry, bridesmaids and Mum left and Dad and I scurried out after them. The journey was surreal, a journey I made every day on my way to work but it somehow looked different. I was quiet, trying to start savouring every moment of the day. Dad and the driver were talking about ships and submarines and this made me smile as it was so normal (and it meant I didn't have to speak!)

It annoyed me at the time when we arrived and was EARLY!  Guests were still going inside and I had my one "Bride moment"  and screeched "They are not supposed to see me yet!"  I later found out that AJ was standing just inside and was bundled through the kitchens to avoid seeing me.

We got out of the car and the photographer came over, he asked us to pose and I let the train of my dress fall to the floor straight into a puddle, I was so annoyed that I hadn't looked - I had to at least get to the aisle without trashing it! (luckily it was underneath the train and not noticeable)

Looking back it was very apt that I was early, as Dad and I are never late for anything if we can help it, it might be traditional for the bride to be late but that's just not me!

I  saw 2 of my very best friends as I entered the hotel, and that was the best thing that could have happened, it made me laugh as they were running through reception in a panic to get there on time (again, very typical!) and it really chilled me out.

Dad walked me down the aisle to a pan pipe version of Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love, Dad had to slow me down as I was walking too fast, turns out practising as a child with a net curtain over my head hadn't really helped!

It was strange to see so many familiar faces and not to be able to speak to them, my hands were shaking so much I could hardly hold my flowers. The ceremony was fairly short and relaxed and almost went without a hitch... the registrar pronounced AJs name wrong during the vows!

The meal was lovely, and I was more than ready for it I remember that much. I had been told I'd be far to nervous/excited etc. to eat but nothing stops me from being hungry! The speeches were a definite highlight for me, you can read AJ's here. 

We had more guests arrive for the evening reception, and I loved every minute of it, it was a great party and there were people on the dance floor from beginning to end. Our first dance was to Elvis Presley "Can't Help Falling in Love", we considered The Timewarp (See why here) but chose to do that later instead.

I loved every minute of my wedding and I would love to do it all over again, same man, but smaller dress!


  1. Beautiful post. You looked gorgeous!
    The colour is fab as well.

  2. Aw, you looked beautiful!

    I am a new follower from the Friday Hops. When you get a chance, stop by and check out my blog. Hope to read more!


  3. Such pretty photos! Lovely wedding.

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    I do have several blogs, but this one is where I am looking to get followers. Thanks so much!! :-)

  4. You looked beautiful, we were and are always very proud of you. It was a fantastic day, even the mornings torrential rain stopped in time and the sun shone for the rest of the day. The speeches were all very entertaining and every one enjoyed a very special day. - all our love Mum and Dad

  5. Ah, lovely comments, thank you all!

  6. What a beautiful day! I can see why red means so much to you. That flash of colour is just gorgeous. Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  7. Lovely to read your account of your special day!


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