Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Gallery - Red

I nearly passed on this weeks Gallery again this week, the prompt is Red and there were only one set of photos that came to mind.

When AJ and I got married back in 2004 I wore red (mainly white - I thought about just red but couldn't resist the lure of the big white dress). I have been meaning to do a "Wedding post" for some time so I'll save the best photos for now and just give you a taster of the day.....


  1. Lovely photos ! Your wedding cake is beautiful. I think a red and white colour theme for a wedding is a lovely one :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, the cake looks stunning :)

  3. Thank you, the cake was a wedding present and was made by AJ's cousin (and she made Leo's christening cake too)

    I'll even give her website a plug....


  4. My friend got married in 2006 and she also had a white and red theme wedding. Your cake was beautiful.

    came via Kaho's blog.


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