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AJ and I married back in August 2004.  It was a wonderful day with many special memories, one of those being the fantastic speech he gave. I love it so much I think it deserves a special page all to itself!

Ladies and Gentlemen…
On behalf of my wife and I...

I would like, if I may, to thank you all, family, friends the usual pack
And even the Riff Raff at the back
For being with us here today
As married life gets underway

My speech today I will keep brief
Which I’m sure will come as a big relief
The idea came from this brother of mine
Who at his wedding last year did his speech in rhyme

At the time I thought it was just the ticket
I liked it so much I thought I’d nick it
So I’m sorry to those who have heard it before
To the rest I hope you won’t find it a bore

For I have a long list of people to thank
Starting with Nick, Joan and the man at their bank
For giving me their daughter and fronting the cash
To host for us this wonderful bash

I would like to thank Emma for saying yes
And making me proud in her big white dress
For actually agreeing to be my wife
And finally fulfilling my life

Em you look stunning you’ve been smiling for hours
While clutching on to your wooden flowers
But the days half over just the party to go
And then we’re off to Mexico

I thank my mum for making the dresses
For helping Em choose and relieving the stresses
Of picking a colour and choosing a style
Which I’m sure you’ll agree was all worth while

I must thank Dan for being my brother
To be my best man there could be no other
When asked if he’d do it he was quick to say yes
As to what’s in his speech that’s any ones guess

I’m filled with a strange fear and dread
Because Christ knows what he’s got in his head
So after his speech I may need sedation
But I’ll just have to wait with antici…pation

I also thank Bekah my older sister
She did the reading in case you missed her
To you Bums I say “Cheers my dear”
We’ll remember that for many a year

To my best mate Dave for ushing today
That you have our thanks is needless to say
Though I warn you ladies he’s young free and single
So watch out later because he’s bound to mingle

I thank my cousin Lorraine for making our cake
Which I promise is real and not a fake
Its chocolate and sponge all covered in icing
Which fairly soon we will be slicing

I must thank Debbie and all her hotel staff
Who have done for us a job and a half
The chauffeurs, the florist there’s too many to list
So I say a big thanks to any I’ve missed

And lastly we come to our bridesmaids in red
Who don’t get to talk just smile instead
To Larisa Hales and Sarah Palmer
Whose main job today was to keep Emma calmer

I’m sure you’ll agree that they both look quite pretty
So as I near the end of end of this ditty
I would ask you all to charge your glasses
And raise yourself up off of your … chairs

As I propose a toast to two special ladies
Who are already on at us about babies
So there’s just one last thing for me to say
To finish off my speech today.

Ladies and gentlemen
The bridesmaids.

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