Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Gallery - Here Come the Girls

This week's Gallery prompt is Here Come the Girls. This would normally be a hard one for me as I've got lots of girls in my life that are very important to me and hundreds of photos from which I could never choose from. However yesterday one of my very best friends went back to the UK after staying with me for a whole month so it seemed apt to use these photos.

We met at secondary school, went to college together, worked together after dropping out of college and have been friends ever since. We were drinking partners, still are but apparently can't quite handle it as well these days!
We have both got married (were each others Bridesmaids) and now both have gorgeous baby boys. It's such a shame that we can no longer spend as much time together as our boys would be very close friends (Well, we'd hope so!)

 On holiday in Kavos, 1995
No idea what we were doing but it looks a bit suspicious. 
 Gran Canaria 1996
My wedding in 2004
Sarah's Hen night 2006
Sarah's Wedding 

Would you believe it though.... she had been here for a month and we didn't get a single picture of the two of us!

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