Thursday, 4 July 2013

School's out for summer!

Although summer has been around at least a month here, its now official as the schools finished back on  the 19th June.   Leo had the option to continue going until the end of June, (well,I say he had the option...  he didn't have much say in it!) so he finished last Friday.

There is a summer program running a his school for just €10 a month more than we would usually pay but after some thought I decided to give him a decent break. Because of the very long summer holiday the rest of the year is long, no half terms and only a few days off for Easter and Christmas.   School starts early at 7.45am, so it will be nice to not hustle him out the door every morning for a while.

Leo has had a fab school year, better than I could have imagined back when I was so worried about it all. His teacher was lovely and thankfully Leo thought she was great.

Leo went happily to school almost every day, and sometimes asked to go on the weekend! He loved playing with his friends and considering he started school knowing very little Greek (and that was taught by me so not brilliant!) he can now understand what is going on and for a while now the teachers have only been speaking Greek to him.

He took part in two school plays, the Christmas nativity and last month in his summer show and loves to watch the dvds and point out all his friends.

He has been on several school trips, to an Olive Farm, a local war memorial and an aquarium and at Christmas and Easter gone to take mass at the local church - I asked him what he thought about his morning in the church at Christmas and he said 'It was good because we walked back to school holding hands but in the church we had to be quiet and there were no toys to play with' 

On the last day he came out with a big bag of his work from the last term, a present from his teacher (a Spiderman bottle - she knows him so well!)  and a DVD which ran for over 2 hours full of photos of the whole year set to music.  It was a lovely surprise, and great to see especially as he's never told me what he does at school!

His work has changed so much over the last few months and from the random scribbles of last September aged just 3. 

I knew he could write his name in English but was pleased to see he is now trying to write it in Greek too. 

Along with the DVD and work, he also brought a several lovely keepsakes of laminated photos of him and his friends.  He also got presented with a diploma for completing his first year of school!

Now we have a long hot summer ahead of us before he starts his new class in mid-September, it will be hard work with Leo and an almost toddling Louka but hopefully lots of fun. We have lots of things planned to keep us busy on our 'Summer Dreams' list.  


  1. 7:45!! Eeeek!! I guess they get out earlier though in the afternoon so they aren't stuck in a classroom when it is really warm? Enjoy the summer holidays :)

  2. Blimey that's an early start, have a lovely summer x

  3. wow he has come such a long way in such a short time. i love that he is now spoken to in just Greek at school i remember when he once felt left out because he could not understand much or communicate well with his peers. he looks so gorgeous in his sailor outfit (not chef as i once wrongly thought *ahem*) and i love his artwork - really good.
    here's to a great summer holiday for you all x x

  4. He's progressed so much this year, and he looks so grown up. You must be really proud of him!


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