Summer Dreams

The summer season is well underway here in Cyprus, and in a months time the schools break up for the summer holiday.....yes you did read that right, the school year finishes mid June and the kids are off until September!

Aaron has been back at work now for over a month and so far we have survived, the next challenge is to do so without Leo being at school every morning. I want to enjoy the summer with the boys and get out and about even though I do find it very hard with both of the boys.  It's always so tempting to take the easy option and do the same old things but last summer I feel I missed out on lots of things while struggling with a big baby bump in the heat.

I've been thinking of ways to keep us all occupied, both the boys and me, and in typical style I decided I had to make a list.

It's more of a list of ideas to come back to rather than a definite 'we must get all these done'  and as I don't like the name 'bucket list' Lauren from Real Housewife of Suffolk County suggested 'Summer Dreams'

1. Take Leo on a boat trip
2. Go on the mini train we went on last year
3. Go on a bus trip
4. Buy, write and send a postcard to someone in the UK
5. Visit the Thalassa (Sea) museum in Agia Napa
6. Have a picnic on the beach in the evening
7. Do a scavenger hunt
8. Make / decorate cupcakes
9. Have a 'kids cocktail evening'
10. Finger painting with Leo and Louka,  after finding a recipe for edible paint!
11. Play with water balloons
12. Make 'moon sand'
13. Go to the library
14. Make cornflour 'slime' (and see if he enjoys it more this time!)
15. Make 'shaker' bottles for Louka
16. Go bowling
17. Have a 'movie night'
18. Build a den
19. Make decorations together for Louka's first birthday
20. Make homemade paint with chalk
21. Have a 'picnic breakfast' by the sea
22. See a show

I'll no doubt be adding to the list as I think of new ideas, after all there's a whole lot of summer to fill here!   I'd love to see other ideas too so if you have a relevant post feel free to let me know.


  1. For scavenger hunt i would suggest on looking into geocaching. Is like a treasure hunt & you get to go places you normally wouldnt go. Im Cypriot and I started it a couple of months ago and i've been to places I never been before.

  2. Good list. We break up at the end of June and the younger kids have 'summer day camps' during July. For pre-schoolers it is at their own school with the same staff - just doing fun things. We havr to fill August though and I may pinch a few of your ideas. Btw - I don't have the recipe but somewhere online there is also a recipe for playdough made with flour and water and food colouring.

  3. As a scavenger hunt I would recommend geocaching if you already don't know about it. It's like a treasure hunt that all you do is log in your visit. It takes you some places that you wouldn't normally go. I'm Cypriot and in the last couple of months I've gone to places I've never been. You can learn more from On the most hunts kids can participate too.

  4. How fab! Wonderful that Cyrpus offers you the sun to have fun in all season!

  5. What a great idea! As a lover of lists I might have to start one myself, shame we don't get quite to glorious weather you have. I like the postcard one and a picnic breakfast by the sea sounds like bliss.

  6. You've got a really good list there. I've seen some fantastic scavenger hunts on Pinterest although also found one last year and put it on Facebook, not sure where it is now though.

    I must get round to doing mine. It's been half written for a while.
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on xx

  7. Where's the linky?! I will definitely be doing our list this week because I've been cogitating on it for about a fortnight now. If you want me to generate a code then I'll send you the html over. And can you add me to the Pinterest board please?

  8. You are welcome to send us a postcard and we can send one back in return. Lovely ideas :)

  9. I love the idea of writing a list of things you want to do over the summer.

  10. What a lovely idea for a linky and a great list of summer dreams here. Thanks for sharing on the Summer Carnival

  11. This is a fab idea - I like the idea that there's no pressure to tick it all off.

    Visiting from the Summer Carnival

  12. i missed this before! i have had a similar thought in my head too so i need to collate all the ideas and jot them down and then link them up. i will join your pinterest board if you will have me x x


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