Boys will be boys?

Following on from our recent playdough playtime I decided to create something else to blog about be a good mother and arrange a fun toddler activity.

At a party last year the kids were provided with cornflour goo to play with, Leo was a bit young to be interested and was too busy colouring (one of his favourite things) to want to try it, but I thought now he'd have great fun with it.

Looking slightly bemused!
It's really easy to make, just cornflour, water and a drop of food colouring. What you end up with is a strange  gloopy thing that if you touch quickly feels like it's solid but if you stir or run your hands through slowly becomes a liquid - weird huh!

I showed him what to do and he laughed as I plunged my hand in and let it run through my fingers, (whilst trying to take a photo and not drop my camera in it!) He didn't need much encouragement to get his hands in and laughed for a short while until he realised his hands were now dirty...... I forgot, I have the only boy in the world who doesn't like 'dirty'

Despite my best efforts to persuade him that it was ok and he could play and then we'd wash up afterwards he then didn't want to know! He did however enjoy washing his hands at the sink and then proceeded to spend 15 minutes with a cloth washing the floor,  his future wife will be so pleased!

I'm not sure how his aversion to dirt appeared, we did baby-led weaning for goodness sake, it didn't bother him while he was mushing food into his head!


Messy Play
Update - This post was originally written 2 years ago, and I'm quite ashamed to say I've not done many messy things since. Inspired by Jennie though I'm going to rectify that so look out for some new messy play posts coming soon!


  1. Ha ha bless him! that's quite unusual isn't it? Burton would probably get stuck right in. Mind you though he also likes washing his hands so he may well have done the same as Leo. :) cute photos x

  2. Oo, that looks fun. May have to try making that! 

  3. Oh I have to try that out!! My son will love it, and can eat it too:)

  4. Leo is only being considerate and trying to save you a lot of washing!!! by trying not to get dirty, but still have fun.

  5. Wow, your boy is so clean! There's no way I'd let my boys play with this stuff. In a few minutes, they'd be slathering it all over the walls, pretending they're artist painters...

  6. I'm sure he'll get over it and then I'll be cursing!

  7. Noah, my eldest went through of a phase of hating to get dirty and is still not keen now! Try foamy soap and things in the bath as an alternative first! 

    I love the goo though, the twins would destroy my kitchen with it! 

    Thanks so much for linking to Family Frolics! Hope to see your posts again! 

  8. Stay At Home Mum ~ In Training14 April 2013 at 18:03

    My little boy doesn't like to get dirty either! Painting is a nightmare! I'm slowly showing him though that getting dirty is ok so hopefully he will begin to brave messy play! X

  9. It's fun stuff isn't it! Kids can be funny with what they want to be messy with can't they!


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