Thursday, 20 December 2012

Our Angel child!

It's not often it can be said but tonight our little Leo was an angel!

He played his part in his first ever school play and was brilliant!

I had no idea if he would take follow in my footsteps and refuse to do it and burst into tears or if he would do what he was supposed to.  He had learnt his lines off by heart, even correcting me on my pronunciation of them, and had been excitedly showing me how he had to run around on the stage but I didn't know if the huge audience and camera flashes would put him off.

Unfortunately we were sat the other side of the stage to where he stood but we did see him and also manage to get a great photo. It was the only photo we got of him as he refused to let Aaron take one before we left home.  Not wanting to upset him before the play we didn't force the issue!

He had been looking forward to going to school at night (the play was at 6.45pm - interesting as he usually goes to bed at 7pm and he has to be at church with the school at 7.45am tomorrow morning!)  but took a little persuading to wear his 'Αγγελακια' costume, announcing instead he wanted to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume instead!

These were the lines he had to say,
Αγγελακια εμεις μικρα
ηρθαμε απο ψηλα
Το  Χριστούλη για να δουμε
ψαλλοντας το Ωσαννα

 translated (via google translate) means...
We Angelakos small
We came from above
The Little Christ to see
singing the hosanna


  1. So cute. In Yiddish there is a phrase - schepping naches, meaning to swell with pride or literally to load on the pride. I'm sure you were schepping naches with bells on - I would have been.

  2. Sweetie! I hope he enjoyed the evening as well! Happy X-mas!

  3. Awww bless him! Well done !Leo you did much better than your mummy ha ha! And I have to say that a buzz light year wearing angel would have been very original! X

  4. Oh well done him! I am very jealous! The Boy's nursery had carols in the garden at 4.30pm on a day when it was 2 degrees. I refused to send him! I was so disappointed that they didn't do a nativity :-(


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