Friday, 29 March 2013

Flashback Friday - Vintage Butlins

As two of my blogging buddies Lauren and The Boy and Me are away at Butlins, Bognor Regis at the moment it got me reminscing about the times  I've been there and how much I love it. Ive blogged about it before, - my hen weekend,  and some of the best weekends I've ever had but my love affair with the place started way back in the 80's when it was then known as 'Southcoast World'

 It was 1987 and my friend and I were old enough to go off by ourselves around the resort which is probably the main factor in my long standing love affair with the place, it offered a sudden and amazing freedom as we chose where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do, a feeling that was similar in some ways with the adult weekends we went on in recent years.

There was so much choice, we spent hours in the funfair, messing about on the boating lake trying not to drop our oars overboard  (I believe the lake now has a hotel on it - I was quite sad to see it was covered over the last time I was there).  We loved the arcades, especially the 2p machines and got so excited to get  huge win, 50p makes a really satisfying clatter when it comes out in coppers!

Best of all was the 'Waterworld', we were in there every single day. The waves were amazing fun, and quite a new idea then for a swimming pool,  the flumes (but not the black one, that was too scary!) and  our favourite - the big white slide.
big white slide Butlins Splash waterworld
That's us holding hands coming down the slide!
The outdoor pool was great too, although it was obviously freezing, there was a big wooden house and a pirate ship I believe by the side of the pool and lots of waterfalls and cannons to play with.

I remember laying in that, we stayed there for ages as the water was much warmer in there!
The evening were always great too as it was so exciting to go out EVERY night! What is now Centre Stage was then called the Ocean View Ballroom and I used to love the shows, especially the Redcoat shows and all the party dances. I think we may have drank a lot of blue slush puppies there too!

Obviously it's all changed so much now but even the last time I was there in 2006 you could still the old one underneath the shiny modern resort.  The accommodation I remember being great at the time but it looks nothing compared to the posh hotels they've got now!  After our adult weekends I remember saying that if I ever had kids I didn't think I'd take them back as it would be strange after the brilliant but not at all family friendly weekends we'd had but from looking again and remembering the fun I had as a child there I can hardly imagine anywhere better!

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  1. aww good old Butlins old skool style - love it! this reminds me of my childhood visits similar memories as yours. you dont look that happy in the last photo though - were you too kool to wear such lavish headwear???? lol
    thanks for linking up x

  2. I love this post! This is the Butlins that I knew from my 1988 trip in Year Six to Pwllheli in North Wales. However, Bognor couldn't be further from this now (although I think that slide is still there?!) And yes the Ocean is on top of the lake.

    Nipping over from Flashback Friday linky.


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